3. Rebel

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I came here to keep a low profile, and all it took was bumping into this girl for my identity to be uncovered. In all fairness, it wouldn't have been the case if my powers had not reacted to her like that. 

What happened earlier was... unprecedented. And so were her abilities to control elements as a human. She was nowhere near as powerful as a Zodiac, but humans in this realm did not have such powers. Only those of us in the Council had control over such might magic, and given that we were not allowed to have relationships with the people in Starfallaside from liaison for pure pleasure and funit was never passed on to the humans.

Still, I had not intention of letting her out of my sight now that she was aware my identity, because I couldn't have her going around telling people I was snooping in other domains. 

Not when there was so much at stake.

"You are the mysterious Sagittarius, right?" She repeated her question.

I sat on the edge of the bed, watching as she moved around the room. There was something enigmatic about her. She had a confidence and allure about her that suggested she was not easily intimidated, which she clearly showed earlier, but my identity had spooked her. Those deep brown eyes of hers were full of panic when she realised who I was, and that intrigued me, on the one hand, yet it also left a bitter taste in my mouth. I had no idea why this girl feared me, but I didn't like it. Far more than I wished to admit. Her unease stirred something inside me, something almost primal and protective.

The smell of her sweet scent enveloped me like a thick cloud as she stepped closer, a heady combination of ocean breeze and fresh rain that enchanted me in a trance.

I couldn't help but wonder why I was so drawn to this girl. She was pretty, definitely. Beautiful even. Her hair cascaded down in deep ebony waves around her face while her dimples shimmered in the faint light of the room, accentuating her natural beauty. The clothes she was wearing hugged her curves in all the right places, leaving just enough to the imagination.

"What are you doing here?" she pressed on, her eyes narrowing, the lines on her forehead deepening.

"Pretty sure I was about to get some sleep before you intruded." Despite my nonchalant tone, I could feel the knot of tension forming in my stomach.

"Cut the crap. You know what I'm asking."

I did know what she was asking. Roaming around the domains of other Zodiacs like that was definitely not customary. "I don't," I lied, my eyes flickering over her form, noticing the way her fingers trembled.

"You are here for me, aren't you?" Her voice had grown low and the air in the room seemed to heighten with anticipation.

Her question dumbfounded me. I took a step forward, closing the distance between us. "Should I be?" 

I couldn't help but admire her courage, even in the face of danger. Still, why was I a threat and why would she think that I was there for her? 

Her lips tightened into a line, her eyes darkening as she glared at me. "Are you even capable of giving a straight answer?"

"Depends who's asking." I was not sure if I was stalling for time or if I just enjoyed annoying her, but I couldn't help the corner of my mouth quirking upwards when she shot me a dirty look.

She let out a sigh, shaking her head in frustration. "There were probably easier ways for you to take me into custody than this." 

Her gaze flitted over my shoulder as if searching for an escape route, and I felt my brows knit together in confusion, both from her words and her behaviour. 

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