Losing You, My First Love

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Alrighty! I'm going to try and do this thing I thought would be cool; dunno if it'll work out though..... if you've been with me from the start for 10 Reasons Not to Fall in Love, you'll have some idea of how I am with my personal goals and deadlines ^^" I'm officially going to try uploading at least 1 story every 7 days. HOWEVER, this cycle doesn't begin until my next upload, which I hope to release in 5 days' time. In other words, starting from 5 days from now, I will be uploading every week. I'd say what day I intend to upload on, but it'd be unfair for those of you living outside the country. As a result, I ask you to check your calendars when you read the next upload IN 5 DAYS and make a note of what day it is. I was just going to announce this on that special day 5 days from now, but if I don't upload soon, a certain someone will come and kill me....

And there you have it! Enjoy my new upload and look forward to the next one marking the start of my new system! Hope it works!


            “I can’t believe it,” Will laughed as they brushed the horses. “You’ve got guts, Brook. I’m surprised that my parents didn’t just cut your head off.”

            “Me too,” Brook said, gently petting Star on the head.

            “Doesn’t sound like they’ve changed,” Will sighed grudgingly. Brook stood on her toes and looked over Star’s back to see Will’s face. She mentally cursed when all she saw was the tips of his light hair behind another horse.

            “How come you guys treat each other like strangers? You’d think the four of you weren’t family at all,” Brook asked.

            “As the heads of the Walkers, my parents don’t really have time to take us all out on a family picnic, you know,” Will laughed mirthlessly. “And when we did, it was just for the paparazzi.

            “I don’t know about Nathan,” he continued darkly, “but I can safely say that those two are close to nothing to me. They were about as warm as a block of ice to me when I was young, and it was even worse for Nathan.”

            Brook couldn’t bring herself to ask about Eva then.

            However, when they went down to the brook again, the chance seemed to come around.

            “Here’s to living,” Will laughed, raising a can of soda, clearly in a better mood. Brook followed suit and a contented silence filled the cool air of the forest as they chugged their drinks down.

            Eventually, when the two of them were lying comfortably on a bed of grass, Brook tactfully said, “You know, I met Eva and she was the nicest person there.”

            She took a mental note of the strange expression on Will’s face. It seemed… worried. No, irritated.

            “Well, just be careful,” he said after a brief pause. “You don’t want to be framed any time soon. You’re on thin ice with my parents, aren’t you? You think they’ll try and kill you through some kind of ‘accident’?”

            An almost unnoticeable change in subject.

            “You’d think Eva was an honest girl,” Brook persisted.

            “Who knows?” Will replied smoothly. “Maybe she’s changed a little. Nonetheless, keep your guard up, alright?”

            Brook felt she didn’t have a reason to think Will would lie to her.  He was nice, handsome, humble, athletic… everything she ever asked for from a guy. Besides, what could Will possibly gain from telling a lie?

            Yet… she had to make sure of it.

            “I think I’ll ask Nathan about her,” she muttered to herself. “They seemed to know each other pretty well so-”

            “Don’t even think about it.”

            Brook looked up and barely kept from flinching when she saw Will’s face. His eyes frosty, Will stared her down. Brook swallowed and bit back.

            “Why? What’s wrong with asking him?”

            “You don’t even get that?” Will sighed impatiently. “Look, just trust me. Nathan’s just going to say-”

            “And what’s so bad about what he says?” Brook bristled. She stood up and said curtly, “Class is over by now, isn’t it? I’m going to go ask him now and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

            She started to storm off when Will said something that chilled her to the bone.

            “If you don’t listen to me from now on,” he drawled, “I might have a slip of the tongue and tell everyone you’re an indenture.”

            What? What did he say just now?

            “How did you find out?” Brook asked after processing and reprocessing his words.

            When silence was all he gave for a reply, she started to panic.

            What if he heard from another person? Did Lily tell him? Was it that obvious? How many people knew by now?

            “Woah,” he said, getting up and placing his hands on her shoulders. “Easy. Calm down, Brook.”

            “How did you find out?” she asked hysterically.

            “I heard a conversation you had with Nathan, alright?” he said gently. “It’s okay, you’re going to be fine.”

            Brook tried to pull away, but her shaky legs made her take a seat.

            “I’m sorry I said that,” Will apologized after a few moments of sitting down with her with his arm wrapped around her. “I shouldn’t have pulled the rug out from under your feet like that.”

            “No kidding,” Brook said unsteadily.

            “But,” Will said, his voice hardening. “I’m not taking it back.”

            “Will!” Brook protested. “I just want to-”

            “Absolutely not,” he said firmly, getting up to go.

            His face softened again after Brook felt a few tears welling up. She felt like her heart was being ripped in two; especially when Will he bent down and gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead.

            “I’m sorry. But I don’t want to lose you,” he whispered in her ear before leaving her to her own thoughts, with only the rustling of leaves to comfort her.


Once again, if you have not read the top, keep your eyes open for the day that is 5 days from now for my new upload and uploading system! Thank you so much for reading!

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