Taking the Risk: Part Two

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"Brandon?" I gasp, my fingers letting go of his arm and flying to my lips. They're still tingling from our kiss.

"Sara?" he asks, his wide eyes taking me in.

"No, it can't...how is this..." This cannot be happening. It can't. I did not just kiss my boss and feel his erection against my stomach, did I?

Damn it all, I did.

A chill in the air makes me realize how much of my skin is exposed in this dress. My arm comes across my chest to cover my cleavage, even though that's a moot point since he's already seen everything.

Brandon scrubs his face with both hands then looks at me, guilt written all over his eyes. "Oh God, I'm so sorry." He touches my shoulder. "If I knew it was you, I never would have..." We both glance at his hand on my shoulder, then back at each other. He flinches away. "Forgive me." He turns away, quickly making his way down the hall back into the club.

I lean back against the wall and take a deep breath. How did I not realize it was him when he spoke? His voice was hoarse, but it was still Brandon. It should be burned into my brain to recognize him when he's talking.

God, this is both embarrassing and a failure at what this night is supposed to be. Maybe if Ana and I hurry, we can find another club. Somehow, I doubt that's going to make a difference when I can still taste Brandon on my lips.

I make my way back to Ana at the bar and she immediately grips my arm when I get to her. "What the hell happened? The guy I picked out for you just walked by and he appears to be traumatized. What did you do to him?"

I blink at her. "I...I didn't do anything."

She makes a face. "Well, you had to have done something."

"We kissed." Brandon and I kissed. Finally. And it was amazing. Enchanting. Intoxicating. Not to mention it's never going to happen again.

Her face brightens. "Hell to the yes!" She raises a hand for a high five, but when I don't respond, she slowly lowers it. "Did I pick a bad one?"

I shake my head and let out a self-depreciating chuckle. "Not a bad one, but you did a hell of a job picking one."

"How's that?"

"You picked Brandon."

Ana's mouth falls open. "You're shitting me."

"I wish I was." I gesture to the bartender to bring me another cosmo. I tell her what happened, then down half of my drink.

She sighs. "Clearly the two of you have chemistry that needs to be tested further."

"Maybe, but we can't. Obviously he knows it would be highly inappropriate for us to do anything, otherwise he wouldn't have stopped."

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