Chapter 2

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Enjoy! :)) I'm writing this on my phone so I'm sorry if the chapters are short


Maeve's P.O.V.

It's the day I've been dreading, Friday. I usually jump for joy when it's Friday but knowing Aubrey she'll do anything in her power to make me go to that party. She'll make me wear makeup and a dress and I don't want to put in effort for no reason whatsoever. It's not like I'm going to get noticed by some hot guy because trust me I've tried to look good before and that only caused whispers and laughs to erupt in the hallway. Talk about unwanted attention.


*Before the Party*

Aubrey made me wear a tight black lace cutout dress that reaches mid-thigh, she curled my hair, and did my makeup. I actually look attractive which is a first. Aubrey wore a tight blue dress that has mid-sleeves. She straightened her hair and wore a nude lipstick and a smoky eye. She looks amazing as usual.

"K Maeve it's time to partayyy." She says as she exits my bedroom. I follow after and say "yay" in a sarcastic voice.

"Just let loose and have fun for once in your life." Aubrey says as we enter her car.

"I'll try I guess."


*At the Party*

I walk in and all I see are people making out, drinking, and grinding on each other to very loud music. I also see people passed out on the couch and in random places. This is not my kind of crowd. I wander the place looking for somewhere a little quieter where I can actually hear myself think and I end up sitting on a toilet in the bathroom. How exciting. Now if I could just wait for time to pass, tonight won't be so awful. But then I hear loud giggling and and what I think sounds like make out noises coming down the hallway and into the bathroom. They don't seem to notice me because they carry on with their actions and I realize I have to get of here fast before I get scarred for life. I slide by them and exit the bathroom only to bump into something rather hard. Or someone hard.

"Ow, sorry" I say as I hold my now throbbing head.

"You better watch where yo-" a very masculine, sexy, and angry voice says but then he cuts himself off when he looks me up and down, which I find very uncomfortable. But it gives me a chance to do the same and damn this guy is hot. He has dark brown hair that sticks up in every direction and has sparkling blue eyes, and I see a smirk appear on his lips.

"Like what you see babe?" He says seductively. When I get an even better look I realize who I'm talking to. Aaron Matthews. The guy that has the potential to kill someone.

" g-gotta go" I stutter pathetically as I try and walk pass him but that only encourages him to grab my arm and press me up against the wall harshly. He leans in extremely close to my face and it feels like he's gonna kiss me. But then he turns his head so his mouth is right next to my ear and he whispers, "I think your lying to me." then he wraps his arm around my waist and I feel a massive shiver run up my spine, but I also feel a burning sensation where he put his hand.

"Why don't you tell me your name, Angel?" I've never been talked to like this before, it makes me feel as though I'm his prey and he's gonna pounce on me any minute.

"Maeve" I say in a small voice.

"mm sexy." next thing I know his lips are on my neck and his hands are roaming my body and even though my mind is telling me this is wrong, my body is telling me otherwise. His lips are leaving multiple wet kisses down my neck until the unthinkable happens. I moan. I can feel him smirk against my neck as he continues his assult. And I realize that I should stop this now before he wants to go further, so I push against his chest and say "stop". And to my surprise he actually does. He lets me go, turns around and walks away without another word, probably to go find someone else who would want to go further with him. With that in mind I get this burning feeling in my stomach and I can't help but feel a little jealous.

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