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~ Selena's P.O.V.

we left the group already, and we went to the car after he bought coffee for both of us.. "Make sure you drink that" i giggled.. "Where are we going though?" i waited for a moment until he spoke "stop asking i'm not gonna answer" i get curious alot, and i hate it but what can i do, i just don't like something being hidden from me... "We're here" he stated. i looked from the window to see a familiar beautiful house beside us...

"your house?" i asked. "be patient" his excitment was annoying me!! "i will be right back, don't move, and don't be scared" he said and ran towards the house.. "No wait i get..." i groaned, he didn't even let me finish the sentence.. what the hell is going on!! he was taking too long and i decided to go in there.. i turned the door knob and i was about to turn the lights on when someone grabbed my hand "don't turn it, follow me" he said whispering.. he led me to a room that was full of red roses and candles every where.. there was a dinner table and a cake.. wait, what's the date today? i checked my phone and it was March 7th since it had just turned 12:00am..

"Happy Birthday love" he spoken... "how did you know?" i chuckled considering the fact that I already forgot that i'm turning 19 tomorrow or you can say today because it's already midnight... "a little blue bird told me" wait was he talking about twitter LOL. "twitter told you?" i said laughing, he giggled while moving the chair for me to sit on it.. "Just Vanessa, she mentioned that your birthday is on march 7th to Liam, and he told me" he explained.. "you owe him, don't ya think" i commented and he agreed.. "let's take a picture" he said and came to my direction, i nodded as he took his phone up and took us the cutest picture ever. he asked me if he could tweet it and i just agreed.. (A/N: Picture on the side) .. i felt my phone rang, probably from twitter, it said:

@ZaynMalik: Happy 19th birthday mon amour @SelMichael :) Xx

i smiled and replied to him..

@SelMichael: Mercii beaucoup @ZaynMalik, didn't know you can speak french.. Aha x <3

@ZaynMalik: Weird how me and @SelMichael are tweeting each other while she's right in front of me.. lol

i just retweeted and favourited.. "Enough with twitter already" he giggled on my comment. "you're getting so many followers by now, an advice.. when you open mentions there will be bad things about us dating, there will be haters. all you need to do is to ignore them, okay?" he warned me and he was very serious about it.. i just nodded ..

"i'm so tired, i should probably go" i stated. "are you kidding me, it's like 2 in the morning. you're not getting out of here" he exclaimed. "but i have to get out of these clothes and take a shower, i didn't bring extra clothes like i always do, i just got my phone and small purse with me" i explained. "you can have a shower here and i can give you clothes from mine" he was very excited about the idea.. "hmmm, okay" he smiled and squeezed me into his chest...

i got out of the shower smelling like vanilla...i wore the outfit that zayn had left for me on the bed and i heard a knock.. "Come in" .. "i like the way you look in my clothes" he said while a laugh slipped from his mouth. "Quit the act, where will i sleep?" i questioned. "right here, next to me" he smirked. "and who decided that?" i said giggling. "Me.. come on" he led me to the bed. "fine.." i gave up.

~ Zayn's P.O.V.

i finally convinced her to join me in bed, i'm not planning to do anything, i just wanna hug her tight, feel her warm beside me, her hair touching my skin, i just wanna feel this moment.. "Why are you shaking? we've slept in the same bed before" i questioned. "No, i'm just cold" she stated while moving closer to me and laid her head on my chest.. "I have never felt safer than that" her words made me smile as i moved her even close to me, she yawned until i played with her hair, she fell in a peacful sleep...

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