Meeting the rents

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 After gathering the papers back off the table I noticed Derek left his laptop on the table. I wasn't sure if he needed it. I picked up the laptop and decided to walk it to his office. I could drop it off quickly before he handled his duties or whatever he had to Do.

I headed back down the hall towards the office. Surely his business hasn't started yet. As I opened the main door which led into the first office I could hear voices.

" I will take care of Max." I beard Derek say. What did he mean take care of Max. I know Derek didn't trust Max around me but surely he wouldn't hurt him. Maybe this is why he didn't want me here for this. He didn't even offer to let me come with him. I decided to try to back out as quietly as possible. Hopefully he didn't hear me come in his office door was slightly ajar when I came in

"Isabella, what are you doing? I heard Derek ask. I was busted and I knew he wouldn't be happy I overheard his plans.

"I noticed you left your laptop and figured you may need it right now." I stuttered.

"Thanks, I did forget it, but why are you acting nervous?"

"I overheard you say you will take care of Max," I crossed my hands  over my chest awaiting how he would answer this.

"So you assume I intend to hurt him?"

"It's no secret you hate him Derek,"

"You are right, but I also have an obligation and a duty as his High Alpha. Since you overheard I may as well tell you. Max doesn't have long to make his decision his grandfather has became a little ill and therefore I am being asked to encourage him to at least visit his pack and consider taking it over sooner rather then later. It leaves his pack vulnerable and therefore leaves the Council vulnerable,"

 I sighed in relief, thankful he had no intentions to harm Max. I couldn't believe I doubted him. I owed him an apology.

"I'm sorry Derek. I shouldn't have jumped to a conclusion without asking you,"

"Baby I understand why you would. I just hope with time comes more trust on both our parts. Now had Max did anything to disrespect me or you then yes I wouldn't hesitate."

I leaned up and kissed him and nuzzled my head into his neck. I do trust him more then he knows.

"Now lets get you over to my parents so you can meet them," He grabbed the laptop off the table I had set it on and we headed out the door hand in hand.

His parents house wasn't far from the pack house. As we pulled into the drive I couldn't help but admire the flowers that were strategically placed around the front of the home. They were color coordinated and very beautiful. Their home was bigger then my parents but smaller then our new home. As we opened the car doors a petite woman opened up the front door and walked out.

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