Vampire Knight FANFICTION "Destiny" Episode 8, Reunion.

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Yuki sat shaking in her chair. Tomorrow, i will officially be Kanames wife. Kaname saw Yuki and came to sit next to her. "Are you ok, Yuki?" Yuki looked up. "Huh? oh yes im fine, dont worry about me!" Kaname put an arm around Yuki. "But i do worry about you." Yuki put her arm around Kaname. "Im sorry Kaname. I have been so selfish, making you worry like i do." A tear seeped down her cheek. Kaname wiped it away with his thumb and kissed her cheek. "It's fine, Yuki. I should give you more freedom." Yuki smiled. "Have you chosen your wedding dress?" Yuki gasped. "Oh no! Thats what i forgot!" She jumped up and started to run off, but stoppped and turned to kiss Kaname. "I might ask Sayori if she wants to come help me pick it out." She ran up the stairs to call her." Kaname stood up and slowly walked to the table where a list lay of preperations to be done. Yuki called Cross Academy, but no one answered. Hmm, who will i take? At that very moment, there was a knock at the door. "I'll get it!" Yuki came racing down the stairs at ran into the door, banging her head. "Ouch!" She opened the door rubbing her head. "Chiyo! Perfect timing! I have a favour to ask." Kaname turned and looked at Yuki confused. "Who is this?" Yuki turned back. "Oh, this is Chiyo, i met her when i was handing out invitations!" Yuki grabbed Chiyos hand and pulled her up the giant staircase. Kaname didn't like the looks of this girl. Yuki sat Chiyo on her bed. "What are you doing today? Chiyo caught her breath. "Nothing, i guess." Yuki turned to her wardrobe and grabbed out her handbag. "Great, would you mind comming and helping me choose a wedding dress?" Chiyo smiled. "Sure, id love to." Yuki grabbed Chiyo's hand once more. "Great, we have to go now though, my wedding is tomorrow and.." Yuki sotpped. "I compleatly forgot! Chiyo, did you want to come to my wedding?" Chiyo took a step back in shock. "Uh.. yeah i guess i would." Yuki winked. "Sorry about the invite, i'll just let Kaname know tonight." Yuki started running down the stairs, "We must hurry though!" Chiyo hurried behind her.

They reached the shop. Yuki started to look at diffrent types of dresses. "What do you think Chiyo?" Yuki held two beautiful white dresses in her hands. "Long and flowy or short and simple?" Chiyo took a while to decide. "Try the flowy one on Yuki." Yuki ran into the change rooms, holding the dress. Chiyo sat on a comfy chair thinking about how she was going to lure Yuki to come to Cross academy to do the face off. Yuki stepped out. "What do you think?" Chiyo looked at Yuki smiling. "You look beautiful, Yuki!" Yuki blushed. "Your too kinda Chiyo." I must be nice to her so she will become friends with me, then it will make it easier for me to convince her. "Are you ok Chiyo?" Chiyo glanced up to Yuki. "Yeah, just daydreaming." Chiyo turned her head." Yuki let out a gasp and covered her mouth. Chiyo immediatly looked up at Yuki. "What is it?" Yuki pointed to the sign on Chiyo's neck. "That... that sign.. its just like.. Zero's!" Chiyo covered it with her hand. "I guess this would be a good time to tell you, Yuki" Chiyo stood up. "I, share a bloodbond with Zero." Yuki's eyes widened. "You.. what!" Chiyo looked at the ground. "I got bitten by Shizuka aswell, when i was young. Now that i have this, me and Zero are thought to be brother and sister because of this." Chiyo sat back down and gathered her stuff together. "I better get going, Yuki. Im sorry i have to leave on such short notice, i have plans this evening." Chiyo left Yuki in a state of shock. She... and Zero... are.. Brother and Sister! Yuki shook her head and walked into the change rooms to take the dress off.

Chiyo made her way back to Cross Academy. She had planned to meet with Zero at the gates. Maria is in a secret room, in the headmasters office, ill take you there. Zero's words played through Chiyo's mind. Zero met Chiyo at the gate and took her to Maria. They made sure they went to see her when the headmaster was of on his runs. Zero lead Chiyo to a room labeled: "Headmaster Cupboard, Keep out!" Zero took a key from the headmasters draws. "In here." Zero swung the door open to reveal a sleeping girl in a room with no windows. "Maria," Maria slowly sat up and rubbed her eyes. "Ch-Chiyo? is that you!" Chiyo ran to Maria. "Maria! I missed you!" Chiyo wrapped her arms around Maria, who did the same. Maria started to cry. "Chiyo! I thought id never see you!" Chiyo pulled her head back and looked Maria in the eyes. "I told you we'd meet again." Chiyo closed her eyes and rested her head on Chiyo, whos eyes were allready closed. Suddenly, Chiyo started to speak. "Lift the curse that mother put on Maria, let her become the girl she is meant to be." Maria's hair started to glow golden. Zero took a step backwards and out a hand over his mouth in shock. Maria started to transform into a young woman. Her hair grew longer and more sliver, her face changed and she grew taller. "Finally, you are free, Maria." Chiyo and Maria opened their eyes at the same time, then both turned and looked to Zero. Zero's eyes went wider then ever before. Before him sat two girls that looked exacly the same. The two twins looked back to each other. "Maria, you dont know how long i have waited for this day to come!" Maria smiled and wiped a tear that was falling down Chiyo's cheek. "Me too." The two girls sat silent for a few seconds, then stood up and turned to the paralised Zero.

"What...." Chiyo look at Maria and nodded. Maria started to explain. "When we were young, our mother, Shisaichi told us about her being an original, and that only one of us could be turned into an "Original". Mother put a spell on me to keep me the same age untill Chiyo came and unlocked her spell." Chiyo put a hand on Zero's face. "Don't look like that Zero. You had a twin yourself." Chiyo smiled and took her hand away. "Maria now posseses the same powers as me, accept one thing, the power to be an original." Maria smiled. "Instead, i was given the power of my father, but in order to take this power, i needed to have the spell casted apon me. Its complicated to explain, but i hope you kind of get an understanding. My dad, Damon, Had the power of eternal life. But sadly, eternal life can be cut short, but rarely." Chiyo hugged Maria. "Father allways loved us Maria." Maria cried into Chiyo's shoulder. Zero stood there, with the same expression he wore at the begining of the transformation. Chiyo looked back to Zero while holding Maria. "We better get Zero back to his dorm, then me and you can catch up on what we've missed." Maria wipped her eyes and nodded. "Test out your powers on Zero, Maria." Maria smiled and put her hands on Zero's face. She looked deeply into his eyes and spoke. "You will snap out of this daydream state when i have finished talking. You wount forget what has just happened here tonght, but you will be fine with it." Maria looked back at Chiyo and smiled. Chiyo crossed her arms and wore an impressed look on her face. "Wow, i seem to be surrounded my fast learners! Come on, lets take him back to his dorm." Chiyo winked at Maria and grabbed Zero's hand. Maria grabbed his other hand and started walking.

(Stay tunned for Episode 9, Wedding Bells!)

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