New York

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Melody's POV

We arrived at Zack's cousin's place. it was a cute little apartment. Zack grabbed my hand and pulled me into the place.He took out a key and unlocked the door.

"hey Kasey we're here" Zack shouted

a beautiful girl about our age came skipping over.She hugged Zack and then hesitatated hugging me. I opened my arms and she hugged me.

"Hi Kasey, I'm...."

"Melody! Zack here talks about you alllllll the time! He really likes having you in his life."

Zack coughed.

"oh sorry I'm embarrassing Zack. It's nice to finally meet you Melody. You're bed is right over there if you want to go and lay down."

"Thanks. see you guys in the morning" I walked towards my room and jumped on my bed.

I took my phone and texted Mikey to go on Skype. He must've been waiting for my text message cause next thing I knew he already calling me on Skype.

I answered.

"hey there cupcake"

"hey Melly bean started to think you wouldn't text me tonight."

"don't be silly Mikey"

I heard a voice in the background.

"Mikey are you at Ashton's place?"

he looked above the screen for a min.

"yeah I am"

"hey mello" Ashton put his face right in the camera and then backed up.

"hey there's a new nickname" I pointed out.

"yup thought of it just now."


"hey wanna come over mello?"

I looked away....

"I'm not home Ash.."

"I know. I can tell by the background. where are you?"

"....New York....."


I heard someone else yell in the background.

next thing I knew Luke was holding the phone.

"you're in new York?!?!!!"


"Melody... I'm your boyfriend and you didn't tell me??"

"you've only been my boyfriend for a few hours Luke"

"way to start a relationship Mel. so now it's a long distance one?"

"you guys would be in New York in a month"

"will I see you then and spend a day with you,my girlfriend?"

"of course"

Mikey grabbed his phone back.

"hold on let me switch to my laptop Melly bean so we can all talk to you"

"okay. I hung up."

5 minutes later, they were calling back...on Luke's account.

"hey" I laughed

" someone forgot their password so they had to use Luke's"

"shut up" Mikey said annoyed yet in a joking manner

"make me"

"I would love to" Luke added in smirking

"anywayssss" Ashton chimed in

"does calum know?"

"no. he would be the last person I would tell right now."

"come on you guys fought yes. but he still deserves to know" Ashton starters to lecture

" I should know what?" Calum's voice came in

all the boys looked at Calum.

"bye guys" I waved and ended the call.

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