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I had made an attack on Titan crossover with transformers and it published for the first time with its first chapter. And I will try to write my story for my second book but I am having very bad writers block with it . So for now this will be my back up for that so you do get an awesome story to read and it is going to be filled with fun and cray moments ! It is called "Prince of France & princess of cybertron " . This story is about an arranged marriage of Prince Levi and princess Mia . Mia a techno-organic rebirth of Optimus and megatons daughters and so she must learn how to be a queen and be a warrior all at once . And have to deal with a guy who is going to marry her and is much different from her but hey opposites attract ! So check it out and have fun with it and I want you to comment on it all you want and tell me how you like te first chapter ~ironrose 😜😜😜

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