Shehry's pov

I was laid in my room thinking ! When i heard mama's voice "beta main aur ap k baba andar ajayen ? " . my eyes turn towards the door! Mama and baba was standing there with a meaningfull smile on there faces.

"Ap dono ko pouchne ki kia zarort ? " i asked and now baba spoke up "adat daal rahe hain ! Takey kuch dino bd prblm na ho ! " . he chuckle and i whined "baaaabbbbaaa ! " .

Then the both came in and sat with me on my bed ! "Shehry tm sure hona apne faisley se ? " baba asked and i noded my head. "Amsal maan gayi hai ? Kia wo khush hai ? " mama asked and now reality hit me !

"Nahi mama but last time humne use apni marzi krne di is dafa ap log smjhayen k wo apki marzi manee ! " i said and baba looked disappointed . " beta humen jaldi krna hoga ! Kyun k tmhen pata hai wo ourat kaise dhamki de k gayi hai ! " mama said !

"Mere khayal se nikkah krlete hain ! Phr valima jo hai wo sain k sath krlein ge ! " i said and now baba looked satisfied ! "Asif mjhe tou yakeen nahi araha kaise mere dono bachey itne bare hogaye ! " mama squeaal like girls and baba laughed .

Amzy pov

I woke up but my eyes felt heavy ! I tried my all strength and opened my eyes . i saw mama sitting beside me and she whispered some dua on me ! I smile cause this all was a freaking nightmare !

I smile but then i felt a sting pain on my forehead ! I touched and it was a bandage on my head ! It wasn't a nightmare ! I turn my hands and saw khala's ring in my finger .

My eyes started to pool up ! I felt a different kind of pain in my heart ! I always wanted to marry shehry but not like this ! I killed zayan ! I can't risk shehry's life too !

"Kia huwa beta ? " i heard khala's voice as she came in the room with a tray filled with many things ! "Nothing just feeling low ! " i said lowly and she sat infront of me .

She caresed my cheek and shove a sandwich in my mouth ! I quietly eat it ! Then she made me drink apple juice ! I drank in one go ! Cause i hate apple juice !

"Ab kaisa feel kr rahi ho ? " khala asked and i reply softly "do do ma'un ka pyaar mil raha kaise achaa feel nahi kr sakti ? " .

Khala hold my hand and looked in my eyes ! "Maa manti ho naa ? " she said and i noded my head ! "Phir meri baat bhi mano gi ? " she added and i again noded my head.

"Shehry se nikkah krlo ! " she added and my heart stopped for some good seconds ! " dekho amsal ! Ek dafa tmne apni marzi se krli ab is dafa humari marzi dekhlo ! " maa spoke this time and my eyes again become teary !

"But maa - " i was about to say more when maa cuts me in "amsal kia but ? Kuch arse bd zee bara hojaye ga kaise smbhalo gi ? Hr ourat ko mard ki zarort hoti hai ! Aur aj k zamane main kon milta hai jo ek widow aur bache ki maa ko accept kre ! Wo bhi bachey k sath ! Aur us k uper wo tmhen pyaar bhi krta hai ! " .

I looked away from both as tears rolled down from my cheeks ! I quickly clean it and answer them "i'm ready but i'm doing this all for zee ! And for your decision ! " .

"Humare liye ye bhi bht hai ! " khala said smiling assuringly and patted my cheek ! " next week nikkah hai ap ka ! Aur aj hum dono chalen ge ap ka dress le ayen ge ! Chalen apaa ab tou bht kam hai ! " khala said and maa and khala both left my room .

I took a deep breath to inhale what's happening to me ! I wanted to cry on someones shoulder ! My phone ring and i checked the caller ID ! Its ali !

Allah isko lambi zindagi de ! Jb zarurat hoti hai foran ata hai !

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