Chapter 1

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HEY GUYS!!!! This first chapter is really stupid but I promise it gets better!

Shelley Hennig as Maeve Neilson
Diego Barrueco as Aaron Matthews
Selena Gomez as Aubrey

Maeve's P.O.V.
*beep beep beep*
"Uhhgg" I groan lazily as I slam my hand on the alarm. Another day of absolute boringness. I have nothing to look forward to besides art class and reading my book during study hall. I mean it's school, what do you expect? Jumping with tears of joy and start running to school? Just because I would rather do homework than hang out with the human race doesn't mean I actually enjoy doing my homework. I just like to have good grades so I could eventually become a successful person. That's all I want out of life.

I get ready for school by wearing black skinny jeans and a red button up flannel. I head downstairs to fetch me some yummy yogurt with granola. I hate brushing my teeth before I eat so the last thing I do is just that. With my white converse I head out the door and to my death hole, which is normally called a car. I hate my car, it's rusty and old and I would very much like it if I got a newer one.


I walk in school and the first thing I notice is the horrid smell of b.o. The second thing I notice is my best friend sprinting towards me like a mad hyena. "Mae hurry you're gonna miss it!!" As she grabs me by the wrist and yanks me to where the action is.

My best friend Aubrey is much louder than I am. She's prettier, she's more funny, she has better style, and a better face. Why am I her best friend you ask? Well in the second grade I tried to steal her cookies that she brought for snack time and she saw me and punched me in the face. You could say she has a sweet spot for cookies. Been best friends ever since.

"What's happening?" I ask confused and slightly annoyed. Whenever she does something like this it always has to do with either her crush, Jake, or someone in the "popular" group. And in this scenario, it has to do with the latter.

"This" Aubrey points to a crowd of people that is circled around none other than Aaron Matthews. Aaron is once again bashing in some poor guys face for God know what. He probably forgot to say "excuse me" while passing by or something.

"Apologize you prick!" Aaron yells in the guy's already bloodied face.

"I'm sorry" He whispers cowardly. I feel so bad he probably didn't even do anything wrong.

"What did he even do?" I ask Aubrey hoping she knows.

"I heard that Alex was talking about Aaron saying that he has mommy issues. And I guess Aaron overheard him saying it so he punched him" she explained. "Damn" is all I managed to say.

I guess this little escapade has come to an end because I see a very angry principle coming this way. "Hey! Matthews! My office now!" Mr. Rodgers yells. "As for everyone else get to class! Now!"


*Lunch Time*

"Maeve, Maeve, Maeve!" Aubrey yells while she comes back from getting her lunch.
"What?" I say actually curious this time.

"Holy shit, Jake just said 'hey can you get me a napkin?' to me in the lunch line!" She said while attempting to copy his voice.

"Really? Did you give him one?" I chuckled.

"This isn't funny Maeve, this was our first ever encounter..EVER!!"

"I know, but did you get his number?"

"Maeve" She said disappointedly. "You can't just ask your crush for their number like that, you have to flirt first"

"Why didn't you flirt then?"

"Because... enough about me, lets talk about you" she said dodging the question and changing the subject.

"No, lets not" I say while fiddling with my french fries.

"Why don't You try to flirt with some guys? Speeeaking of which. There's this party on Friday and guess what? We are going!!"

"Aubrey. No. You know I hate parties."
*briiiinggg* saved by the bell.


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