I decided to change the title cuz I figured it will make more sense. You will see later on what I mean.

"Yesterday's the past, tomorrow's the future, but today is a gift. That's why it's called the present."

Bil Keane


Candice POV


I was in my room painting. My mom was in the master bedroom lying in bed, she wasn't feeling well. I thought I should do something for her so I had decided that I should give her my painting. It was a picture of our family by sunrise, mom loved the sunrise she thought it was the best time of the day because that meant that a new day was on its way, new possibilities. When my painting was done I got up and went to her bedroom. I walked in and saw that she was awake. When she saw me she smiled, I smiled back and went up to her.


"Mom I made you a painting."


"You did sweetie, now let me see." I gave my mom the painting, mom always made me feel better and so seeing her reaction when she saw the painting made my smile wide even greater. I loved my mom so much, she was my best friend.

"I love it honey thank you." She said while hugging me.


Suddenly the picture changed, I was in the kitchen making dinner when Michael walked in.


"It is your fault! It's your fault she is dead. You are an abomination and a disgrace to this world." He picked up a knife and walked closer to me. I backed up but he cornered me, he held up the knife and was about to stab me when a loud bang woke me up.



"Wake up initiatives and get ready, breakfast starts at seven." Four shouted. I was still a little shaken by the dream but I shook it off, grabbed my clothes and a towel and went to take a shower. When I was done with my morning routine I met up with Meg, Matt and Noah and together we went to the dining hall to have breakfast.

When we arrived the hall was full of Dauntless members talking. I grabbed a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon, an apple and some coffee and sat down next to Four at his table. I hadn't eaten much before I was engulfed in a bear hug.

"My little candy bar (Chocolate is my favourite sweet)! How I have missed you." I only knew one person that called me that.

"Hello to you Zeke, fancy seeing you here." He broke the hug and I turned around only to engulf him once again with a bright smile on my face. "I have missed you too Zekee boy." He lifted me up witched caused me to squeal and him to laugh. Zeke was the only friend besides Tobias that I had back in Candor. We met one night when we both were out running, we started talking and we end up running together. After that night we worked out together almost every day until he started initiation. We never talked like me and Tobias did, Zeke never knew about my problems. We just talked about simple things like are likes and dislikes. We laughed a lot since we shared the same humor. I must say I had really missed my work out buddy.

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