Goodbyes, Acknowledgements, Confessions

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What can I say bruh

It's been three years since I began this, and good lord everything has changed.

I guess I should begin with the confessions?

Alright, so it's no stranger to anyone how long apart my updates were. To those who weren't with me from the beginning, I updated every day for the first 15 or so chapters; from then on, since a small trip to Australia, every update just got further and further apart, from 3 weeks to 1 month to 2 months to nearly a goddamn year. And there's one reason, I guess. Over the past year, I'd lost interest in fandoms. Everything I was obsessed with, Sherlock, Supernatural, Doctor Who, I just wasn't interested in anymore. I couldn't write because I wasn't putting any feeling into what I wrote, and I couldn't bear to admit it because I knew I needed to finish this fic. Johnlock is also something I just wasn't interested in anymore.

And thus began the 6+ month long hiatuses.

And for that, I'm sorry bruh I'm so so sorry I've dragged it out, dragged out this dumb fic that was originally this dumb thing I wanted to have fun with, and ended up being one of the most read johnlock fics on this dang site and good lord u guys were just the best so ye I had to carry it on; leaving me now.

Also if you have been with me since the beginning of February 2012 OH MY GOD I LOVE U BLESS UR SOUL <3

But ye, now I can say that I have a neutral admiration for it all again, just a lot more calmer than before B)

Moving onto acknowledgements?

@saltingcircles, lily you're literally the nicest person on the dang earth like i s2g when I first read ur writing I was like "!!!!!! m8 this person is so good?? frick" and now you're literally so gr8 and i hope u do so well with ur exams and everything <3 <3

grace, my dear dear twin. When you found my wattpad I almost threw up so it was gr8 to hear you start screaming at me to update this damn thing bc "THINK OF THE PEOPLE IN PAIN PHOEBE OH MY GOD UPDATE" so ye thanks to u bud for kinda motivating me to finish this dumb thing

to my bae 4 lyfe hollie: ty for supporting me?? gosh idk how u kept up with me being like "omg hollie i got 200 reads im so popular just u wait omg" all those years ago, so bless ur soul for coping w/ me <3 also where tf are ur fics i s2g u better tell me or else

@queen_mycroft, someday i hope, when all humanity is lost, the only artefact left intact is a few lines of computer code, holding our conversations, and i sure as hell hope someone finds them and thinks "wtf is up w/ these human dudes i mean i can't understand a word of this but these ppl seem p. cool"

@willgrogan if you hadn't messaged me I wouldn't have started to write this update so ty so much bruh for motivating me even though technically it's not the 15th of April (shit)

@ all the ppl who messaged me and commented and told me how cool i am: bless. ur. dang. soul.

@ the beta testers for the new destiel fic I was going to do: I AM SO SORRY I NEVER GOT AROUND TO WRITING IT I AM SO SO SORRY PLS FORGIVE ME <3 <3

And the goodbyes:

Goodbye to all u nerds. I may write more, especially original stories, but in terms of fanfiction, this may be the last. I think I might do one or two more bc das kool but all in all maybe I need to stop now, considering 3 years as been devoted to fanfiction and I gotta focus on my school stuff now. So ye, goodbye dudes, until next time <3

Also bc I'm an egotistical bastard if you want u nerds can ask me any question in the comments and I'll answer them and maybe put them in a book bc idk i'm a simple kid whose narcissism is stretching much further than she'd like it to but idk that would be kool so ye

okay, so later nerds, and see you later B) <3

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