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Molly.H joined the chatroom

Sherlock joined the chatroom

Watson joined the chatroom

Sherlock - John, John!

Watson - What is it Sherlock??

Sherlock - Oh. You don't care do you.

Watson - No, that's not what I-

Sherlock - It's what you were going to say...

Watson - No, I-

Sherlock - Are you with Mary, again?

Watson - Of course I am, who else would I be with?

Sherlock - I am not even going to answer that question...

Molly.H - Sorry to interrupt, but Sherlock you said that you wanted to see me?

Sherlock - Yes... Molly....

Molly.H - Yes.

Sherlock - Would you like to... watch a movie?

Molly.H - Have dinner? Oh... okay sure. Time?

Watson - Awkward....

Sherlock - Be here within the hour I have it ready.

Molly.H - Okay. Bye John :) See you later Sherlock.

Molly.H has left the chatroom

Watson - *lifts eyebrows* ooh, you and Molly, eh?

Sherlock - God no. She is my colleague.

Watson - Your colleague, he said colleague.... wait colleague?

Sherlock - Yes... since your busy with married life and Molly still has some time to go, I can have some time to watch a movie.

Watson - What are you watching?

Sherlock - Pride and Prejudice. I am trying to get to grips with the Victorian era.

Watson - Cool. Why?

Sherlock - For a case... Never mind John. I think it will be quite interesting.

Watson - Okay then... I had better... go.

Sherlock - Have fun with Mary.

Watson - Have fun with Molly.

Sherlock - No it's-

Watson left the chatroom

Sherlock - Okay, never mind.

Sherlock left the chatroom


Victorian era. To be honest, I LOVED the TV version at the top!

It's original and wonderful! Watched it at school for an assessment :)

Keep on bringing the Q's in! Remember on my profile with #AskSherlock OR in a private message :)


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