Chapter Three - Surprise

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She felt nervous. She literally felt sick with nerves as she sat in the backseat of her Dad's car. She never really liked sitting in the front seat with him. It was always kind of tradition - whenever in any car, Scott would always take the passenger seat, without a doubt.

They had been driving for quite a few hours - or Madison was awake for quite a few hours in the car. She wasn't quite sure how long she had been asleep for. It wasn't very comfortable either, because she had stacked all of her belongings next to her so she had no room to really breathe.

She had been living at her Dad's for quite a few months, and hadn't been able to visit her home in any of that time, so this was the first opportunity that she had to see her Twin, her best friend and her Mom.

After Stiles had told her to come home, she had practically begged him to elaborate on the reason why he thought that she should, but he didn't talk much more about it. He was simply trying to avoid the subject, but was just saying that it was 'important'. He would change the topic of their conversation by just talking about school, and about how he's still madly in love with Lydia, and about how things aren't really okay with Scott and his girlfriend.

Normally, if someone doesn't give you the real reason as to why they want you to do something, you'd ignore them, but Madison instantly knew that it must be bad if Stiles was begging her to come home, and couldn't talk to her about it over the phone. She immediately started negotiating with her Father to let her live back with her Mother.

It took around three days of pressuring him into giving up. She would cry, beg, ignore him, get a pity vote and just be a brat towards him. It took a little longer than she expected it to, but she still got the job done.

She had managed to make a deal with the Devil.

She was more nervous to see Stiles again rather than her Mother and Brother. Though she missed them all terribly, she just missed the banter that was between herself and her awkward best friend. She doubted that Melissa and Scott knew she was coming home.

Stiles was aware that she was trying to persuade her Dad to let her move back to Beacon Hills, but what he didn't know was that she succeeded, and was only a couple of miles away from home.

"You need to make sure that your Mom enrolls you into school, Madison." Her Father spoke, making Madison take her eyes away from the passing scenery outside of the car window.

She nodded, though he probably wasn't looking through the rear-view mirror at her, "Yeah, I will..."

"I've already contacted St Andrews. They're sad to see you go."

"I highly doubt that." She scoffed, "All of them hate me there..."

"That's not true." She could sense her Dad's eye roll at her words, "Apparently your English Teacher was very upset."

"She was probably crying tears of joy, Dad." She muttered.

"Stop making yourself feel hated, Madison. People like you, you just don't like people. Just because someone annoys you, doesn't mean that they feel the same way about you."

"How very touching."

"I'm being serious." He sighed.

"So am I. I feel deeply moved by your words, Father."

"Madison, I can turn this car around, you know? Don't think I won't."

"Sorry." She mumbled, though she wasn't sorry at all. Besides, her Dad was all bark and no bite. He wouldn't dare turn the car around and ruin the glimpse of happiness that she was sort of showing. She had been happier since he allowed her to move back to her Mother's house, and thus, she had spoken to him a little bit more. Only a little bit.

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