Chapter Five

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Gerard went to get ready to leave for the prison when his mom walked into the living room and saw him about to leave. "Gerard, sorry, but you can't go see Frank today."

Gerard stopped, let go of the door handle and turned to stare at him mom. Did she really just say that? "Why?" Gerard asked. Did she know how much Frank meant to Gerard?

"You don't remember. Do you? Did you forget?" His mom asked, folding her arms and actually surprised that he'd forgotten, but what had he even forgotten in the first place...?

"I guess I have. It shouldn't be that important if I forgot though -" he went to reach for the door handle again when his mom interrupted him.

"We have brunch today with your grandma." Donna said with a sigh, "you've known about it for days."

"I can't go to see Frank in prison because I have to go to brunch? Isn't that for old people or something?" Gerard asked with a snappy tone. Goddamn it, he wanted to see Frank.

"Just because you can't see your prison friend doesn't give you the right to be all pissy about it." Donna said, her eyes narrowing. "Prison isn't even a good place for a boy like you anyway."

"A boy like me, mom? What's that supposed to mean?" Gerard asked, he was this close to just walking right out the door. "Are you implying that I'm a goody-two-shoes or something?"

"That's exactly what I'm saying. Not to mention the fact that you're too young." She said, putting a hand on her hip.

"Frank's seventeen, I'm eighteen, and I have a D- in math." Gerard added, even though it just kind of made him sound a little pathetic.

"You're not going, Gerard." Donna sighed, she knew she was getting no where with the kid. She walked out of the room leaving Gerard to glare and storm to his bedroom and slam the door so that he heard a crack and scurried down the stairs, hoping his mom didn't hear him break the door.

Stupid mom. Gerard sat on the bed with crossed arms tightened across his chest.

He heard someone struggled with the door and the door from downstairs. "Shit!" He heard Mikey's hushed whisper. "If mom sees, I didn't break that."

Gerard giggled and watched his brother walk down the stairs. "What did you do to your door to make it break when I opened it, anyway?"

Gerard shrugged. "What do you want Mikey?"

"Just to wants to know if you're ready? She wants us all fancy and stuff." He sighed and sat down on the carpeted step.

"Is that what you call 'fancy'?" Gerard asked his brother, referring to the Led Zeppelin shirt and red skinny jeans.

"Duh!" Mikey smirked. "What about you?" The Iron Maiden shirt and black skinny jeans. Like brother, like brother?

"Duh!" Gerard mimicked his brothers words and stood up. "And I'm pissed at mom. So I don't care what she thinks."

Gerard stood up and picked the door up from the ground and set it against the wall on the landing. Mikey stood up and lead Gerard up the stairs.

"I'm guessing because you couldn't go see your boyfriend." Mikey asked with a smirk.

"He's not my boyfriend. Just best friend since the third grade." And Gerard's scowl was back.

"Seriously boys?" Donna asked, stopping in the doorway to the living room. "I asked one thing -"

"You ask things all the time." Gerard interrupted. "It gets annoying." How mad can Gerard make mom today?

She sighed angrily and turned her attention to the door. "What the hell happened to that?"

"Gerard broke the door." Mikey giggled.

"Nu-uh. Your the one that opened it, if you would've stayed away from the door then it would've been perfectly fine."

Mikey smiled and followed mom out the door, who had already headed out while the boys were arguing.

Gerard wished he could go see Frank.

- - -

"Hi boys." Grandma Elena smiled when they entered the house.

Gerard loved his grandma- he did very much, but he just wanted to see his best friend.

"You want to see that Frankie-boy don't you?" Elena asked, turning her attention to Gerard.

"What. No." Gerard said quickly with a little bit of sarcasm.

"Right." Grandma smirked and entered the dining room where a lot of food was made up and sitting on the table.

Mikey gave Gerard a knowing loop before he walked into the dining room after grandma.

Well, better get this over with.

- - -

Gerard stirred and tried his best to sleep, but it was hard. Would Frank be mad at him? Would he understand?

Gerard had a million questions running through his head at the moment and it was cramping his mind. Maybe he'd understand tomorrow when he visited Frank.

He closed his eyes and relaxed, coming to the understanding that Frank would most likely understand.

"You didn't visit me today."

Gerard jumped and sat up in bed. "Wha -"

"No questions yet." Frank interrupted and walked closet to Frank. "How come? How come you didn't visit me? I was so excited to see you...and then you just didn't show up." Frank looked away with a hurt expression.

"My mom -"

"There's windows here for a reason Gerard. To sneak out...and in." A creepy smile made its way to his lips. Frank walked forward and crawled onto the bed, his lips a mere inch or two from Gerard's. "Now...what got in the way of seeing your best friend in jail?"

"My mom - I was about to leave, w-when she said that I had to go to brunch and then I got m-mad and slammed the door and I-it broke and I really wanted to see you. I called my mom old and yelled at her because of it..."

Frank sighed. "Oh well...I'm here now." He leaned over and hugged Gerard without cuffed hands. "And I'm sorry I have to so this."

"Wha -?"

Frank pulled out a syringe and Gerard fainted just at the sight of the needle and felt it insert into the tissue on his arm anyway.

He wasn't scared of Frank. But right now he was - he snuck into his room in the middle of the night and stabbed him with a needle.

And Gerard felt all his thoughts slip away from him as he was fully knocked out cold...

Well, I knew that Frank was gonna escape and drug Gerard. But I didn't know what to make up so that Gerard couldn't go see frnak. At first I was gonna have Helena's funerals but then was like "oh right, she was just at their house two days ago and funerals take a few days to plan so...I just had a funeral to go to because my uncle died of drug overdose and everyone was dressed in black and I was in converse, skinny jeans and my Metallica shirt.

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