Chap 2

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“Oh so you have a gig tonight” I stated looking at Matt’s face since we were the same height, as he held me close. His usual lopsided grin slipped on his face.

“Well yeah” he shrugged.

“And you used Twinkie and Tacos to get me to come out tonight, even though you know that I have night shifts.” He wouldn’t meet my gaze so his eyes wandered all over the bar we were in. The place was called Silver and it was our usual hang place when we were with our group of friends.

He cleared his throat before nodding his head in the direction in front of us; I turned slightly to see everyone sitting at the usual table waving us over.

“Where not done here mister, if I fall asleep on the job again tonight I’m hunting you cute ass down. don’t think I won’t.” I warned before sauntering over to the group.

So let me introduce ever one, there was Twinkie whose real name was Jace. He was a tall slightly muscular gentleman, with dark hair and lovely violet eyes, he was a full time UCLA college student who was completely and utterly straight, his girlfriend Finney sat next to him, she was a small redheaded woman with gorgeous green eyes and a cute heart shaped face full of adorable freckles, and had the libido of a freaking bunny. Speaking of bunnies we couldn’t for get Logan and Gab the most adorable couple on earth. They had been best friends since their dipper days, both realizing they were gay and have very strong feelings for one another decided to try dating in ninth grade. They’ve been together ever since and still going strong inside and outside the bedroom. I tell you those guys can compete against a top notch porn star and still have energy to burn. They were worse than two mated wolves on a full moon.  

Oh and let’s not forget Tacos whose real name was Jazzy but all of us just called her Jazz… I know what a big difference that made… Anyway she was like a walking, talking pair of legs. She was model material literally and had a different guy every week but the funny thing is she was still a virgin after all the men she’s gone through… well I can’t say anything for her top half but her bottom have was completely untouched as far as I know.  Right now she had a very muscular Jersey Shore look alike on her arm and god do I hate that show!    

“LeeLee!” Finney sprang from the booth and propelled her small body into mine wrapping her arms tightly around my neck.

“Nice to see you too Fin” I told her placing her back down on her feet. Poor girl she was only five four so she was practically at the level of my chest. Her naturally wavy hair was up in a ponytail and it looked like she was sweating.

“Did you dance without me?” I pouted at her. And she winked.

“I saved one just for you lover boy” she purred stroking her finger down my chest.

“Hey, hey, hey none of that now” Jace warned mockingly grabbing Finney around the waist and pulling her in his lap. She squeaked a laugh and turned her head towards his and captured his lips with hers. I scrunched up my face and gagged.

“Ugh, straight people” I teased.

“I know right” Logan agreed grinning from ear to ear and lent his head on his hand to watch them kiss. “It’s the most disturbing thing ever” I rose a brow at him.

“Then why the hell are you watching creeper?” I snorted pushing him in the shoulder.

“I don’t know I just can’t look away!” He cried. Gab took the liberty of shielding his eyes with his hand.

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