Chapter 46

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(Alfie's P.O.V)

"Who are you?" I asked. "I'm Archie. These are my two sons, David and Daniel." Archie replied.

(Charlotte's P.O.V)

I had my head down. I was coughing and I couldn't remember anything that was happening. I looked up. "Dad!" I screamed. Archie was my dad. "Charlotte!" Dad screamed back at me.

"What? Archie is your dad?" Alfie asked. I nodded. "I saw charlotte over the fence and that's why I saved you, because you were saving my daughter." Archie replied.

(Alfie's P.O.V)

It was amazing that Charlotte had found her dad and two little brothers, but she was terribly ill. Sinead started to cry. "Megan was like a sister to me! She saved my life so many times. I felt useless just then!" Sinead yelled. "Look! There was nothing anyone could do... Nothing!" Tiffany shouted. "Mum... Chill!" Francesca said whilst calming her down.

There was something bothering Tiffany and I will find out!

Mum looked at Tiffany like she was saying shut up, but I didn't know why. "What are you playing at?" I asked. "What do you mean?" Tiffany replied. "Alfie, stop!" Francesca shouted. "No! What have you done that makes you act so weird!" I demanded she told. "I... We..." "Shut up Tiffany!" Mum shouted. "We killed Mario!" She shouted. "You did what?" Francesca screamed. "Honey, I'm sorry!" Tiffany whispered. "And you? I don't even know you!" She screamed at my mum. "Get off of this bus. Now!" She screamed. "And I hope the biters get you both." Francesca yelled.

"Look, I think we just need to calm down!" I shouted. Mum carried on driving. "Mum! Slow down!" I shouted. She picked up the speed.

Charlotte started being sick again, but this time, it looked like she was turning. "Mum!" I yelled.

Charlotte fell to the ground.

She got back up as a biter and took a giant chunk out of Lauren's neck. "No!" Sara screamed as she tried to take Charlotte off of Lauren, but suddenly Charlotte bit Sara's arm.

I grabbed my sword out and cut through all three of the girls head violently.

Mum started to loose control of the wheel and the bus swerved into some trees.

"Ah!" I shouted. We were in a bus crash  with two murderers and three dead biters.

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