Chapter 20 - Far From Torn

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Chapter 20
Far From Torn

A/N - This is the last chapter! I can't even believe it's finished this quickly. I've never had such an easy/difficult time writing this novel. And I cannot thank you all enough for the gathered support. It was truely a sight to see you all have such appreciation and massive compliments for this novel. I never imagined getting this much attention in a novel of mine. I would like to add that what I want you all to get from this is, never feel like you're alone. If something is going on that you can't seem to deal with alone, tell someone. That's the first step...just tell someone what's going on, how you're feeling, what you're dealing with. It can make a world of difference if you just open up to someone when something too heavy is happening. I'm even here if any of you feel the need to talk (: Thank you all so much again for the continued support. Also, if you feel like it, I have two novels up that will keep my full attention for a little while entitled Bullet & Sadie, Someday... if you guys want to check it out! Thanks again for voting, commenting and reading! I hope you guys like the ending to Torn (: 

I could the weight of what I was about to do impending upon my shoulders. They suddenly seemed stiff from force and weak in the muscles. The closer I walked to Flynn’s door, the more anxiously my heart burned. My footsteps seemed much louder than my own breathing, which was pretty evident in my ears. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears in a signal I wasn’t quite sure how to read.

Maybe it was because, by this point, I was expecting something to happen to ruin it all.

After all, everything I had tried to do well was always crumbling at my feet, mocking me from the floor that I didn’t deserve to be happy. My selfishness kicked in, telling me that I deserved a happy ending. I needed one of those page turners, making you want to see what happened next. Maybe end up like those books in a trilogy, the readers always budding with excitement to rush out and by the next book. I wanted the thrill, the goosebumps and the excitement. I was tired of living in this constant state of self-pity and wallowing.

That wasn’t a life I ever wanted to live.

So as I knocked on Flynn’s front door with a clenched fist, I willed myself to just calm down, take a deep breath and get through this. It wasn’t so bad considering Flynn had done the dirty work first. He was the one who confessed his affection for me, the one with the nerves and the anxiety after seeing me retreat instead of jumping back into his arms. I had done so much to him, the negatives side of the list seeming never ending, that I felt like I owed him this much. He deserved a thank you, a sign of appreciation for how long he had stuck around, and a confession I wasn’t even too sure I had admitted to myself yet.

“Oh, hello,” an older woman answered the door. She was dressed in a pair of black slacks and a white blouse tucked into the waistband. Her dirty blonde hair, so similar to Flynn’s, was pushed away from her face into a polished bun.

“Um, hi,” I piped up, swallowing almost audibly. “I’m here to see Flynn?” I said, my voice wavering into something of a question.

She smiled widely. “You must be Willow,” she said. “You slept over once, correct?” she asked, raising a thin eyebrow.

I blushed immediately at how nonchalant she seemed about the fact that a girl was sleeping in her son’s bed. I hadn’t met her the night I slept at his house, seemingly too riled up with emotions to face his parents that night, so we spent the whole night in Flynn’s room without speaking to his parents. They left for work the next morning and that’s how Flynn and I ended up in the kitchen making a mess much bigger than either one of us was prepared for.

I only nodded my head in response. “Is he here?”

“He’s right upstairs. I believe he has some company though,” she trailed off, gesturing for me to come inside.

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