Part 9

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"Just follow me this way" Our instructor said walking us toward the water that Eugene and I fell in earlier and pointing toward the small kayaks in the water probably only big enough for two.

"So why do we have to do this?" Gabby asked crossing her arms.

"I don't know this is just what your work wanted me to do" He replied.

"Like a school camp?" I asked.

"Yeah something like that" It seemed like he was paying an odd amount of attention to my lips as I spoke " Everyone choose a partner I'll need one too, how about you Y/N"

"Uh yep, okay" I said awkwardly making Ashly arch her eyebrows suggestively.

"I'll go with Andrew" Eugene said gritting his teeth like he was Jealous oh my god, if he is jealous then that's fucking hilarious.

We had all paired up and after falling in the water twice I was glad I had a bathing suit on under my leggings and old T-shirt. Hunter our instructor laughed and helped me back into the floating, death trap.

"Okay guys so lets just try and make it around the lake" Hunter said making a circle motion with his hands.

"This is unfair Y/N is with you, you do this for a living" Ashly said throwing her head back.

"Its easy if your in time with your partner" He said laughing as Ashly and Ella went round in circles.

"Onward!" I yelled as we started paddling, I looked over toward Eugene who was laughing and shaking his head at me as he started to catch up with us.

"Faster Andrew!" Eugene yelled, just as he caught up with us I splashed him with water distracting him and causing him to fall out of his kayak.

"I am so sorry" I said shaking my head at him.

"I'm gonna kill you" He said swimming over to our kayak.

"Not if I get away first" I said trying to get away but I was to slow and he was some sort of super human who was good at everything. He grabbed my hand and pulled me out into the water causing the kayak to flip over and knocking Hunter out of the kayak as well.

As he resurfaced from under the water we expected him to be mad but he just started laughing while wiping the water off his face and out of his eyes "I guess we're swimming then" he said continuing to laugh.

"SWIMMING!!" Ned said jumping out of his kayak to join the rest of us in the water still fully clothed and everyone else did the same.

"Hey" I heard Eugene whisper behind me causing me to turn around and get pulled under the water I got scared and opened my eyes which hurt it wasn't salt water but I wasn't prepped to be dragged under water. I saw Eugene let out a laugh and inhale water so he started to swim to the surface.

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