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I tried my best to make the walk from my bedroom to the living room the longest, but I couldn't. Mom was sitting on the couch, working on her laptop. Soon, she looked up from the bright screen and beamed at me.

What was she so happy about? I was just going to a place with a stupid name that'd be crowded with sweaty people. 

I shook my head slightly.

"I'm so happy," she grinned.

I blinked a few times. "Me too." 

Mom held me by my shoulders and smiled at me. I smiled back, not knowing what else to do.

"I'm proud of you, Lizzie."

"Me too."

Before she could get more emotional, our doorbell rang.

"I think it's Olive," I murmured.

I walked past mom and headed for our main door. When I opened the door, I smiled at Olive. She had her arms folded across her chest with no expression on her face. 

She was wearing a yellow tank top with white shorts and her wavy hair was resting on her shoulders.

"Hey," I greeted.


Mom's footsteps became louder as she edged towards the door and I tightened my grip on the doorknob. 

Mom came up and stood beside me, wrapping an arm around my shoulders.

"Let's go," I whispered.

Olive nodded.

"Bye mom."

"Bye, Liz. Don't forget to sweat it out!" she laughed.

I rolled my eyes.

Closing the door behind me, I took a deep breath.

"I think milking the cows was a better option," Olive sighed.

I didn't feel like replying her. For a minute, I tried to convince myself that I could live without my pocket money. I didn't like a thing about exercising and somewhere, on the inside, I had a feeling that unexpected things would happen.

I glanced at Olive as we walked together. She had confidence in herself, but I didn't. She could talk to anyone freely, but I couldn't. I don't understand why everyone wants to please the world so bad. Most of the times, people change themselves because they want to impress others. Nobody thinks about standing out; everyone just wants to fit in.

I had made plans for myself already. I had thought that I'd wake up late, probably at noon, but here I was, going to a fitness camp. 

"How about we go to McDonald's?" I asked.

Olive raised her eyebrows at me. "It's seven, seven in the morning. Do you ever stop thinking about food?" 

"Oh, shut up."

She was right; I always thought about food. And why not? I was addicted to eating junk food. It tastes so great that you can never help yourself.

After about ten more minutes, we reached our destination. It was a huge park, located in the middle of the city. 

Walking forward, we found something weird. Outside the park, there was a huge board with a picture of a fit guy eating a carrot. Fitness for Dummies was written in red bold letters.

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