Chapter 8A: Adolescent, Day 4

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Quick Note: This is part A of chapter 8. The chapter ended up quite long as I was typing so I split it into two parts. I haven't even begun typing the second part but do comment and those comments will help get my fingers in gear. Enjoy.

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Baby Butler

Chapter 8A: Adolescent, Day 4


Ciel Phantomhive can't fathom why his inhumanly perfect butler is late for his morning wake up call. Searching the manor, Ciel ends up in Sebastian's room. The Earl finds himself staring face-to-face with a raven-haired, crimson-eyed demon baby.


"Young Master, we have received a letter from Lady Elizabeth," Tanaka announced upon entering Ciel's study. He carried a silver tray in both hands and held it out to the young Earl.

Ciel was currently eating lunch after resorting to serving it for himself. Sebastian now physically a very tall thirteen-year-old, was capable of taking on most of his old tasks but had lost the will to carry them out. The demon was now beginning to act like a stubborn, devious pre-teen who thought too highly of himself. Of course, to adults, he was the perfect angel – Ciel had to chuckle at that thought – while the ex-butler irked Ciel to no end.

"What's a 'Lady Elizabeth'?" Sebastian questioned from his armchair seat in the corner of the study. Unlike his behavior, the demon's speech had improved immensely. Tanaka had been teaching him and there were only a few words he couldn't get a grasp on still.

"She's my cousin. What does it say, Tanaka?" Ciel asked. His voice was monotone with a hint of annoyance.

"Marquis Midford has been invited to a masquerade ball held by the Viscount of Druitt on the twenty-second. Lady Elizabeth will be arriving here on the twenty-first to prepare. It seems, my Lord, that you have been invited as well," Tanaka summarized.

"The twenty-first is today," Ciel stated, jumping when a loud bang sounded from somewhere downstairs.

"Ciel~!" a voice squealed. The young Phantomhive visibly paled at the sound of the girlish squeal. He could feel the headache already pounding in his head. The study doors flew open, much like they did when Soma arrived, and thin arms wrapped around Ciel's neck. "I missed you, Ciel~!"

The Earl choked and struggled in the tight grasp of his fiancée. "L-Lizzy," Ciel coughed. He couldn't get enough air into his lungs.

"Did you get my letter? We have to go shopping! Mother said that I could take you out and get you the cutest outfit for the party!" Elizabeth squealed.

As soon as the loud blonde released his neck, Ciel sucked in a huge breath and glared at Sebastian who was still in the corner muffling laughter. At that point, Elizabeth had finally noticed the third presence in the room.

"Ciel, who is this? He looks just like Sebastian! Where is Sebastian?" Lizzy called out questions a mile a minute, immediately skipping over to the lounging demon child.

"That is Sebastian's nephew who is named after him. He's staying here while Sebastian deals with family matters." Ciel turned to address his ex-butler. "Sebastian, this is Lady Elizabeth Midford, my cousin."

"And fiancée!" Lizzy added, curtsying to the crimson-eyed boy.

Sebastian sat up properly and smiled charmingly. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Milady."

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