One Direction- Brother and Sister Plot

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The girls and boys all go to school together and are all very good friends. But what will tear this friendship group apart? 

Louis’s GF/Liam's Sister: Louis and (Insert GF’s name here) are great friends and are always together. They are not dating but (Insert GF’s name here) have known about Louis having feelings for her since they met. One night however (Insert GF’s name here) invites Louis over to study and he starts doing things he never expected he would do to (Insert GF’s name here). He unknowingly forces (Insert GF’s name here) into sex (start the morning after they have had sex. Skip the details!) So the next morning when (Insert GF’s name here) remembers everything she vows never to talk to Louis again. It’s only when she finds out that she’s pregnant with his baby that she tells Liam who goes crazy at Louis. What will happen to these two former best friends?

Liam's GF/Nialls Sister: Liam and (Insert GF’s name here) have been dating for a few weeks after being introduced by Niall. Niall loves the two and has no problem with them dating. The only thing that he says is that if Liam hurts (Insert GF’s name here) no matter what the circumstances he wont gets a second chance with (Insert GF’s name here). But one day soon after Liam finds out about Louis forcing (Insert Louis’s GF’s name here) into sex and getting her pregnant, Liam goes crazy and flips out at Louis. Not only does he go crazy at Louis but everyone in his way and that happens to be (Insert GF’s name here). He yells at her and scares the hell out of her. When she goes crying to Niall what will happen to Liam? Will Niall give him a chance to explain?

Harrys GF/Louis’s sister: Harry and (Insert GF’s name here) are the bad kids of the school and are also the perfect couple. They may seem like bad kids while around everyone else but when they are alone they are completely different. They spend their time alone at Harrys house watching Disney movies and cuddling. Louis thinks that Harry is just another bad boy and though they were once friends they are now more enemies. Louis notices (Insert GF’s name here) is out more and is missing school so asks (Insert GF’s name here) about her relationship but being the person she is, she answers with yet another smart ass comment leaving Louis to investigate. Harry doesn’t like this and tries to hold onto (Insert GF’s name here) but will Louis tear them apart or does he have his own dramas to deal with? 

Nialls GF/ Zayns sister: Niall and (Insert GF’s name here) are extremely close. Niall has known both Zayn and (Insert GF’s name here) since birth so has no problem with Zayn being (Insert GF’s name here) brother. Zayn and Niall get along really well. Niall knows Zayn is extremely protective over (Insert GF’s name here) so doesn’t want to upset him and ruin their friendship so he is always extra cautious with (Insert GF’s name here) with Zayn. One day Niall is assigned a science project with another girl and when (Insert GF’s name here) sees them talking by Nialls locker a few times she starts to get jealous and think Nialls cheating. Instead of talking to Niall she goes and sees Zayn and Zayn of coarse has a go at Niall. How will these friends end up? Will they be okay?

Zayns GF/Harrys Sister: Zayn and (Insert GF’s name here) are really close and always seem to be together. They hang out a lot and have a lot in common. (Insert GF’s name here) is the complete opposite of her badass brother and is actually a really sweet girl. She and Zayn are both lovely and love to hang out and jam together. It seems Harry is to caught up in his relationship to care about (Insert GF’s name here) but that’s fine with Zayn and (Insert GF’s name here) they like it like that he actually has no clue that they are dating. SO one day when they come home and are in (Insert GF’s name here) bedroom kissing harry walks in. What will happen to Zayn? Will Harry listen to the story or is he to badass to want to care about what they have to say?

Start the morning waking up for school (also start after Louis and his girlfriends sex scene to avoid that). Brothers and Sisters live together so no boyfriends and girlfriends living together unless they are staying together and you have discussed it with the rest of the Chatzy. THANKS! <3 Have fun!

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