Taking the Risk: Part One

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Take the risk.

That's what I keep repeating to myself as I walk down the hallway to Brandon's office. It's like a mantra to psych myself up. Take the risk. You won't regret it. Take the risk. You will regret it if you don't.

What's the risk? Asking Brandon out. Why is it a risk? He's my boss.

I know I'm crossing a line here. Honestly, I don't even know what made me decide today of all days to take that leap of faith. Maybe it's because I believe his arms will be open and ready to catch me. Maybe I just have too much faith in things that could easily bite me in the ass.

Brandon and I met last September. From the minute I laid eyes on that soft brown hair and those hazel eyes, I was lost. I've been working for his office for the last year, and in that time I haven't been able to stop thinking about him. We spent many nights over the past few months working late. As we worked, we talked about everything from our families to our childhood pets. Brandon became more than just a boss to me; he also became my friend. Then I started to feel more, like an electric charge that bounced between us when we were in the same room. When we looked at each other, it seemed that maybe...maybe he felt the same.

Now I've reached the point where I'm so enamored I can't hold myself back anymore. I've tried to because of the unwritten rule of dating your boss, but I can't let it dictate to me how to live my life. It's time to take a risk.

Just as I'm about to walk into his office, Brandon's walking out and we nearly crash into one another. His hands grab onto my shoulders. "Whoa there, Sara."

"Sorry, Brandon. I was just..." I can barely breathe with his hands on me. My heart patters against my chest in an unsteady rhythm. I force a smile. "I just came to say goodnight."

His fingers slowly graze down my arm as he gives me a warm smile. "Okay. Well, goodnight."

He's no longer touching me, which is a good and bad thing. Bad because I want him to still touch me; good because now I can get my mind together about why I'm here. Take a risk, Sara. Take it now! "Uh, Brandon?"

"Yes?" He raises an eyebrow.

"Do you have any plans tonight?"

"Probably going out to a bar or something. How about you?"

"I might be going to a club with Ana." Ask him to come along. Maybe he can bring a friend and Ana can keep him company while I spend time with Brandon.

"That sounds like fun."

"It will be." As we stand here in the hall gazing into each other's eyes, I swear I can see a hint of him considering something. Ask him already! Take a risk. I press my lips together, wishing there were a way to literally kick myself without looking like a complete freak.

He clears his throat, and the moment passes. "Well, then. You have a great night. You deserve it after all the hard work you've put in this week."

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