the beginning

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The story starts in Death city, Nevada. The main character (y/n) was walking to school when her crush (w/n) walks up behind her and decides to scare her. He knows she is very shy and he is her only friend in real life. All the other misters and weapons as in Maka Albarn and soul eatereven, black star and his weapon Tsubaki, and then there are the Thomson sisters they hate you so much. You think its because you had a crush on there mister but in reality they where jealous of you because your weapon was your all time crush. But back to (c/n) scaring you. He just jumped on you and then he pulled you into an ally way which scared you even more this was not like (c/n) to do this. It was normal for him to scare you but not pull you into a dark ally way. But once you stopped fighting she let (c/n) pull you to the back of the ally into a abandoned building. What happened next shocked you. You just froze. You thought that he forgot about her birthday. Your sweet 16.(sorry if you are older or younger.) But he didn't he was just planning. But there was a party waiting for you. With death the kid, and the gang. (w/n) was trying to make her more social. So he planed this for her. you were still shocked she just stood there. Then she snapped out of it when you herd black star scream "who wants to truth or dare?" ever one but you said something. When you didn't say anything (w/n) just shook you and then you snapped out of it.

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