So Not Cliche 2

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I'm posting this as well since the first chapter was super duper short.

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You were so happy! Your very first Valentine! I mean you've gotten chocolates from your friends and parents but that's different. THIS is a BOY. You practically skip to your house, thinking about all of these different possibilities.

But what about when he smirked?

No it's probably nothing. You shake off the negative thoughts as you walk into you home.

"I'm home!" You call out and your mother greets you.

"How was- oh my! What's this? Why are you flushed?" She asked, knowingly.

"N-n-no reason! Well I mean there is a reason and that's uh... I was running here! To get a workout you know?" You laugh awkwardly. "I have a big test tomorrow so um I'll be upstairs!" You clutch your schoolbag close to you chest before dashing upstairs to your room. Leaning against your door, you take a deep breath.

"That was close." It's not like you wouldn't want your mother to know. It's just embarrassing. Maybe you'll tell her when it's Valentine's day.

You start you schoolwork, even though it's due next week. After you finished, you sat on your window seat to pass the time. That's when you saw it again; the yellow flash of hair, then pale skin of a young man. You sit up straight in your seat and press your face against the window. Your breath was creating cloudy areas, so when you wiped it off, he was gone.

"Is he stalking me?" You mumble. Looking at the clock, you realized it was almost time for bed. You curse at yourself for daydreaming and missing dinner. After taking a quick shower, you go downstairs to see a plate that your mother prepared. After eating it, and brushing your teeth, you fall asleep.


You wake up, blinking your eyes slowly. Your body shutters as you step out into the cold morning air. Tomorrow was Valentine's day. The day you and Akio would spend it together. Your cheeks flush as you smile.

After putting on the school uniform, you race downstairs, grabbing toast with jelly on it.

"Bye Mom!" You call out as you run outside, still putting your shoes on.

"Don't be late, [Y/N]!"

"Hai!" You tell her as she closes the door. You start running to school while fixing your tie. It was almost time for the school gates to close and you weren't nearly close.

"[L/N]!" A voice calls out to you. You turn around and see Akio running to catch up to you. "Wait!" You slow down and he comes up next to you, panting.

"Wow, you're fast." He laughs, still out of breath.

"Sorry, it's just the gates are about to close." You look down at your watch and gasp. "We have five minutes c'mon!" He grabs your hand to pull you along.

"We can make it!" He grins at you and you run together.

'We're so close~!' You think, dreamily.

'Do you really like him, [Y/N]?' Your conscious remarks. 'Or do you just want to forget him?' You shake those thoughts away as Akio and you slip through the gates before they slam shut.


The rest of the day went relatively fast. Akio sat with you at lunch and was wrapping his arm around you throughout the day. You thought it was a little weird, though. I mean, you've never talked to the third year before. Maybe he watched you from afar? No. Not that again.

Soon the day came to another end. Once you got home, you realized how exhausted you were. Having attention from a guy is not normally your usual life routine so it took a lot out of you. You laid down on your bed and fell asleep almost instantly.

/oops another break in the text/

You sigh and roll over on your side to look outside the window. The sun was starting to rise so you decide to get ready, not risking being late again.

After you go through your morning routine, you being to walk leisurely to school. The bell rang just as you stepped inside and you begin to switch shoes when a note fluttered to the ground. You picked it up with a smile, your name in messy writing.

Meet me under the sakura tree after school. I need something to tell you.

'This must be from Akio.' You think as you press the note close to your chest.

If only school would come to an end quickly.


So this is longer, yes yes. What will happen next hmmmm?

NOTE: You are a second year, and so is Yukine. I'm pushing up the ages. Also, this is not Noragami related. Yukine is not dead and all that stuff. sorry!

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