Chapter 11

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Caution: Sex scene


3:00 PM

Saturday At Jass'

I was in bed cuddling with Jas. "Babe. I never met your mom. Why?" I asked. "Cause my mom is a crazy cunt." She said in a blunt voice. "I doubt she really is." I said shaking my head. "She is. That night we got locked, she was losing her shit talking bout you a hoe. I snapped on her. She has never liked my girlfriends. I don't want you to have to go through that." Jass said holding me closer and kissing my cheek. I could tell she really ain't want me to be hurt. I respect that.

Jass and I decided to go to the amusement park since I hadn't been to one ever.

I started a shower and stripped. I got in I started to wash myself when I heard the door open. "Jass baby is that you?" I asked. "Yeah its me." She said. She pulled the curtain back. She was fully naked. I licked and bit my lip. She stepped in and started kissing on my neck. She rubbed my body. She caressed my breast. I moaned softly. "Oh baby don't hold it. Nobody's home."

She moved one hand down to my vagina. She rubbed me softly. "Oh shit Jass." I moaned. I turned and kissed her. She kissed and sucked all the way down to my pussy. "I'll be gentle. Babe I know its your first." I felt her suck and lick my clit. "You taste so good babe." She said looking up at me. She put two fingers in me. I hissed at the pain and pleasure. "Oh your so tight." "Jass ease up. Its my first time." I said biting my lip. She slowed down and continued to hit my g-spot.

She put my leg on her shoulder and gained more access. Jass did this trick where she pressed and rubbed on my G-spot. She did this trick a few times and I peed. "I'm sorry jass I can't believe this." I said covering my face. "Baby you squirted. Its sexy."

Jass was bout to get out. Before she walked out I grabbed her. I put her on the sink. "We're not done yet." I said. I put soft sweet kisses all down her body to her pussy. I fingered her slowly. Her moans filled the room. "Oh baby. Where are my manners. Mama told me never to play with my food." I took my finger out of her and sucked it. She tasted like strawberries. I tongue fucked her and rubbed her clit. Jass didn't last long she came and I cleaned her up. We actually showered and got dressed.

Jass put on a orange "Run. Score. Repeat." shirt with cargo shorts and some blue and white nikes with orange laces. I put on a Victoria's secret PINK orange crop tank, High rised ripped skinny jeans, Fiji flower sandals, and pinky petal studs. I put on my NYX Butter Lipstick.

"Babe you ready?" She asked yelling upstairs. "Yeah." I said going downstairs. I kissed her with so much passion. More passion then we've ever shared. She added tongue. I sucked on her tongue and she felt on my ass causing me to moan. She pulled away. "I swear you're the most beautiful girl I've been with." She said looking me in the eyes.


4:00 PM

Y/n is the woman I plan on marrying. Its been a good amount of months with her and I'm in love. No one has ever made me feel like this. I ain't ever letting her go.

"Lets go on this ride baby." I said. "I don't know its hella high." Y/n said. I took her by the hand and led her to the front of the line since we had flash passes. We got on the ride and Y/n screamed the whole time.

We rode all rides and now it was time to win my baby some prizes. I went to the basketball place. I started balling. Y/n was cheering me on. I made 30 points and that was enough to get her a big prize. "Which one do you want my queen." I asked looking at her. "The panda bear." She said smiling hard and hugging me. "The panda bear its." The man handed me the biggest bear up there. I handed it y/n. She hugged it and kissed. "You just gon cheat on me like I ain't here." I said laughing. Y/n looked at me and moved her finger in a "come here" motion. I walked over there and she pulled my face to hers and pecked my lips a couple of times. "You good now?" She asked. "Yes." I said smiling.

7:30 PM

We were walking Y/n home. Y/n was glancing at me smiling. Not saying nothing just smiling. "What?" I said looking at her. "I just realized my girlfriend is sexy as hell." She said laughing.

As we neared her house I noticed it was 3 cars parked in her drive way. "Babe who are these people." I said pointing to the cars. "I'm not sure." She let my hand go and walked to the door. I followed right behind her.

"Y/n." I heard someone say. We snapped our heads in that direction. it was like 5 niggas and Y/n's mom at the table. "Who are they?" I asked. "Mi tios. Whats wrong?" Y/n asked grabbing my hand and making me follow her to the kitchen.

"Abuela is sick. She doesn't have long so she wants to see you." "Abuela is all the way cuba. What am I going to do." Y/n said in a thick hispanic accent. "They're bringing her here. She has 3 months left that's what we say. She refused to go to a doctor." One of her uncles said. "Take her to the doctor anyway. Find out whats wrong with her." Y/n said.

"Well Y/n who is this." Said another one of her uncles said trying to switch the subject. "Well Tio Don, Tio Julio, and Tio Enrique, Im gay. This is girlfriend." They looked at her and then me and started clapping. "We knew you were gay but goddamn. When did you start pulling girls like this. She's gorgeous." "Thank you. I'm Jasmine Centina." I said holding my hand out. They shook it and all night we talked.

Y/n fell asleep on the couch. I saw tears on her cheeks I know she was crying over her sick grandma. I picked her up and put her in her room. I got in bed with her and kissed her forehead and cuddled with her. She pulled herself to my chest and continued to sleep.


8:00 PM

I was walking around thinking. I was thinking about what went down a couple days ago. Y/n was hurt when I said that. But why would I care. She's just another thot. Who am I kidding. Y/n is anything but a thot. That girl and I have been thick as thieves since I met her. She's been there for me.

My mom said I shouldn't have done her like that but what she did to me wasn't fair either. I'mma just apologize to her. I went to call her and her name wasn't in there. I checked my blocked list and she was blocked. Strange. I don't think I remember blocking her.

I unblocked her and called her. It rang 3 times and someone picked up. "Yo who ever poo cheese is call Y/n back she's sleeping." I lowly groaned when I realized who it was. "Jass tell her to call me when she wakes up."

I was bout to hang up but Jass called my name. "Chris look Y/n is really messed up about what happened. I think we should all be cool. Except for ya girl man something ain't right about her in the head." Jass said through the phone. "Well when she wakes up we all can got to Ihop and talk all 4 of us." I said putting emphasis on 4. "Alright man but no funny bis this is for Y/n's happiness she needs someone to cheer her up other than me." Jass said. I agreed and we got off the phone. I decided to spark with Yahmir since I need to chill out. Kaylen been stressing me lately and this shit with Y/n is nothing but trouble


Prepare yourselves for a whirlpool of feelings.

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