Vampire Knight FANFICTION "Destiny" Episode 7, uncovered mysteries

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"Kurenai! Are you sure?" Zero nodded. "She told me herself. The headmaster leant backwards in his desk chair. "I wonder why her last name wasn't on any of the papers?" Zero put a hand on his neck. The headmaster looked up at him. "Whats wrong Zero? Is it hurting again." Zero looked back up at the headmaster, before letting his hand fall to rest besides his leg. "No..." The headmaster jumped up. "I know, your hungry aren't you!" The headmaster pulled the collar of his shirt down untill his neck was uncovered. "If you ever need blood..." Zero covered his face with his hands. "Im fine, really." The headmaster incisted. "It's ok Zero, i dont mind." Zero turned to walk out "Zero, you need it, you..." Before the headmaster could finish his sentence, Zero's fist connected hard with the headmasters head, sending him smashing into the wall behind him. "I said, i dont need it!" The headmaster put a hand on his head. "You realise that was the second time you've done that to me." Zero sighed. "You realise thats the second time you've offered your blood to me." Zero was discusted at the thought of him drinking the headmasters blood. The headmaste put a hand on his table to help him get up. "How are you going to survive without my blood? Yuki's gone now, and you know that you wont digest the blood tablets." Zero walked out. "Hey! Zero! I was talking to you!" By the time the headmaster got to the door, Zero was gone. Oh! thats the second time his disappered! How is he so fast?"

Zero stumbled down the corridoor. The headmasters right, some point in time, i will need blood. Zero's sign started throbbing once more. He tried to ignore it, but the pain kept growing untill he was brought to his knees. Chiyo was a few meters ahead of him. "What a surprise, i was just on my way to see you, Zero." Zero's eyes slowly met Chiyo's. "I can see that you aren't coping very well." Zero looked back to the floor. Chiyo got on her knees and lifted Zero's head up untill their eyes met once more. "You have to learn to controll yourself Zero." Zero's eyes turned a bright red. "When was the last time you drank blood?" Zero slapped Chiyo's hand away from him. Chiyo grabbed Zero's collar and pushed him back against the wall. "You will die if you don't do something, and im not going to have you die." Chiyo stared into Zero's eyes and started to speak. Zero gazed into her eyes and watched them turn to a sparkling dark blue. No matter how he tried, he couldn't look away. "Listen to me. You wont survive another day without some type of blood. This is the only way i can help you survive. I am no ordinary vampire. I am what they call an 'Original'. I am one of the most powerful vampires. If you take even a drop of my blood, you wont fall to a level E." Chiyo let go of Zero's collar, her eyes not leaving his. "Drink my blood, Zero. It's the only way to prevent you from turning to a level E." Chiyo pulled the hair away from the right side of her neck and leant forward. Zero turned his head to see Chiyo's neck. His body ratteled with hunger. He tried to turn away but he couldn't resist. His fangs pierced Chiyo's neck. She smiled, happy in the knowlage that Zero would be ok. Zero took only what he needed. Chiyo covered her neck with her hand, covering the blood. "You now will never turn to a level E." Chiyo took her hand away from her neck and wiped away the excess blood. Zero let out a gasp. The bite marks disappeared compleatly. "As an original, wounds on my body heal quickly. The only way to kill an original is to drive a vampire hunters sword through their heart." Chiyo licked the blood off her hand. "When i die, you will become an original. There can only ever be one original in the world at one time." Zero wiped the blood off his face. "Why, why do you want me to live?" Chiyo stood up. "Because we share a bloodbond and i needed to choose someone to pass my original genes on to. Thats the reason i came to this academy Zero." Chiyo extended a hand out to Zero to help him up. Avoiding humilliation, Zero ignored her and stood up himself. "I wish to see you tomorrow, Zero. I want to tell you about what i am, and I want to tell you what the future has in stall for you." Zero stood silently for a few seconds. "Tomorrow at dusk, meet me in the courtyard." Chiyo nodded. "I will see you then." She turned and walked away.

The next day came and went quickly. Zero looked out the window to see the sun setting before he left for the courtyard. Chiyo was sitting on the edge of the fountain awaiting him with books in her hands. "Nice to see you again Zero, how do you feel?" Zero stood infront of her. "Fine, i guess." Chiyo smiled. "Great! Now, i have brought some books about what i am." She placed the heavey pile of books into Zeros arms. "What ever i dont cover now, you will uncover when you read through those books." Chiyo placed her hands beside her on the limestone and helped herself up. "You know how i told you that with our powers combined, we could take down a pureblood?" Zero placed the books on the ground beside him and nodded. "Well, i know you have a grudge against Kaname, and i know some truth about him that you may not know." Zero looked up at her. "Kaname, as you know, is a brother to Yuki." Zero's expression turned angry as he looked to the ground. Chiyo continued. "Well, you also know that Yuki was sealed from becoming a pureblood by her mother. Why would her mother want her to stay human? I mean, purebloods are thought to be almost indestructable." Chiyo's expression turned anrgy also. "Its because purebloods are beasts! They are a discrace to all vampires. We only obey them because they are thought to be the highest ranked." Zero smiled and looked up once more. "I couldn't agree more, maybe we might just get along." Chiyo smiled back. "I know that you are also out to get Yuki, am i right?" Zero's smile faded. "Well, we need to train a little more, but with practice, we could take down both of them!" Chiyo stepped closer to Zero untill they were eye to eye. "We can either practicde now, or if you dont feel up to it, we can do it another time." Zero shook his head. "I just want to know something first." Chiyo took a step backwards. "Go ahead." Zero put a hand on hs sign once more. "How do you controll the pain?" Chiyo smiled. "I just shut it off. I am an original though, its harder for you. However i do have the power to stop it from bothering you temperarely." Zero seemed interested. "Mind controll, are you up for it." Zero steped in closer to Chiyo and grabbed her hands. She lifted them up and put them on Zero's face, the stared deeply into his eyes. "You can not feel any pain. The sensors that send pain messages to your brain will be shut off temperarely." Chiyo let her hands fall back down, then hesitated a few seconds, then brang her arms up to wrap around Zero. She pulled him down and connected the two signs. Zero put his arms around Chiyo aswell. The connection took only a few seconds, but lasted a full day. When it had finished, Chiyo let her arms fall once again and looked at Zero. His arms pulled back as he gazed back at her. "Its amazing, isn't it." Zero nodded slightly. "Try it out." Chiyo turned and looked around for an object. She soon spotted a silloutte on a vase. She concentrated hard on it, untill it shattered to pieces. She smiled and turned to Zero. "Just concentrate on what you want to do." Zero looked around for something untill he spotted another vase silloutte. He concentrated on it untill it also shattered into pieces. "Your a fast learner, Zero." Zero turned to her. "If we used this power on purebloods, would they..." Chiyo nodded. "Explode to peices, but im afraid you can't do it alone, you need two people so its four times the strength." Zero started to pick up the broken peices of limestone. "It seems easy to do, but we need to practice much more before we go up against a pureblood." Chiyo went and helped to pick up the peices. They practiced on many diffrent objects, untill midnight came. "Thats enough for tonight, we shall practice more another time." Chiyo grabbed the big garbage bag that contained all the broken peices in it, and started walking off." Zero went to pick up his books before he remembered something. "Oh, Chiyo." She stopped and turned back around. "Yeah," Zero walked up to her. "Are you related to Maria Kurenai?" She placed the bag on the floor. "I indeed am, why?" Chiyo turned fully around to Zero. "Did you know Maria is here?" Chiyo nodded. "I have been wanting to see her, but im not sure where the headmaster keeps her." Chiyo picked the bag back up. "I can take you to her tomorrow if you want."Chiyo nodded. "I've missed my little sister."

(Stay tunned for Episode 8, Reunion)

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