Chapter 27

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His heart was soaring with all that happened between them. That day by the river she gave him her innocence and her body completely. And ever since that day she continued to do so.

They lay together some nights embraced in each others arms. But, he truly couldn't control his desire for her. He was ravenous for her body, its softness, its warmth. She stirred his desire with just a brush of her finger along his shoulder or chin when they talked.

But there were days he noticed she was in deep thought. He tried his best to keep his distance to give her space and time to think.

A part of him knew why she did this and it tugged at his heart. He wanted her completely and such a selfish thought unnerved him a little. She wanted to return to her time.


She was in conflict with her emotions.
She slowly closed her eyes.
Her heart shuddered at her feelings.
She was falling inlove with Duncan hard and fast.

She could not deny what she felt for him. He did things to her that had her mind and emotions in an upheaval. When their together he is so gentle and attentive. There is not an evening his eyes does not hungrily watch her. He brings a warm tingling sensation between her thighs with his gaze that she has to quickly look away sometimes.

Then her thoughts went to her future life.

Its been over a month that her dreams were starting to slightly fade. She was deeply afraid and confused because she didn't know what that meant.
What if the slight chance to return has passed?
Was that it? She panicked.

She lowered her head and closed her eyes not able to contain her tears.  Would she ever see her family again?
Would she be here forever?

The questions that rolled around  in her mind were useless because with them no answers came.

She sat on a rock near the outer wall for quite a while lost in her thoughts. She lost track of time and was so distracted she never heard the soft footsteps behind her coming close.

It wasn't until the tall shadow joined her own that she looked to her left and she saw Aidan taking a seat beside her. He smiled softly and joined her in her silence.

He has come to care for her like a sister and enjoyed her being around. She brought life and happiness to the keep and he was greatful for that.

Their brief silence was cut short when he suddenly spoke.

"What ails you Tara?" He turned her.

He looked at her lowered head and waited for her to respond.

She breathed in deeply searching for the words to describe the sudden feelings she has and has been having.

"Aidan...I'm so confused and afraid," she spoke softly.

He looked down at her with sad eyes and their gazes met. Her reddened eyes tore at his heart.

"I am stuck here with no sign or hope of ever returning to my time and as time passes  I'm falling madly in love with your brother, I am growing to love every one around here and daily my life as I know it in my future I am slowly fading away," she cried softly.

"My fear is that I get too far caught up in all of this then one day its all taken from me," she whispered.

They sat silent for a while.

"Does Duncan know how you feel," he asked.

She shook her head.


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