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Phone guy's (Scott's) POV

So here I was, meeting the new guy. I don't think he was new because of his attitude towards the place. No curiosity or interest gleamed in his eyes and he seemed to already know this place as if it was one of his old homes. I lead him to the office while he practically growled at every child that passed by. Yeah, he didn't like kids, but I guess there's nothing wrong with that.

After we went into the office, I showed him the controls and the iPad. Everything he needed to know. I took this chance to examine him. He had long purple hair (crazy right?) that was put in a low ponytail that reached down past his shoulder blades. Baby hairs stuck out from his hair line, giving him bangs that reached over his eyes when he looked down. He looked like he pretty much never shaved, having a bit of a stubble making a rugged look. His gleaming white smile practically never faltered, combined with his hooded eyes. Purple skin, purple clothing. It sounds pretty different, but I kinda liked this guys style. I've seen some interesting looking people, but he was the most bizarre.

"Like whatchya see?" His low, calm and raspy voice interrupted my thoughts and I realized, I was staring at him.

I felt heat rise up to my face, but played casual. Looking away so he wouldn't see, I showed him the door lights, "Sorry, uh, these are for the blind spots on the camera..." Even after I mentioned the murderously terrifying robots and their actions against the guards, the man still continued to be at ease. Almost like it didn't phase him one bit that the animatronics came to life, only to stuff people into Freddy suits.

"So friend," the new guy piped up, "how long have you been working here?"

"Oh, I've been here for years," I answer, sticking my hand out in a 'matter of factly' tone, "What about you, seems like you've been here before."

His grin grew wide, giving me shivers, "Oh I was here before 5 children went missing."

I nodded, "Yeah, that was a while ago."

After about another 30 minutes, I left him to play on the iPad to take my lunch break. So, this guy was supposed to be on night watch... Boss says I can't leave him alone on the first night. Especially the first night. What he told me to do was stay with him that night, teach him the mechanics, and make sure he's safe. As I took a bite into my sandwich, I realized that I didn't even know his name.


Huh? I turned around to see the purple guy next to me. "Vin-Vincent?"

He sat down next me and played mockery shock, "Jeepers! I haven't even told you my name yet! How'd you know?"

Puzzled, I rubbed my temples like I was experiencing a headache, "I... I don't know..."

Vincent snickered and leaned over to bite the sandwich in my hand. "Wuw abow yu? Wuw yur mame?" He talked with his mouth full and chewed loudly.

"I uh, you can call me PG," I answered still confuzzled, taking no note on his manners.

"PG?" He mused, "That's weird."

"So is being completely purple," I defended, taking another bite of my sandwich.

Vincent grinned, "Touché."

As I finished my sandwich, I noticed him staring intently, waiting for me to finish. I asked, "Do you always smile that much?"

Vincent scratched his head, seemingly a little surprised. "Huh, not really," He then flashed his teeth again, "I guess there's something about you. It makes me smile."

I felt blood rush into my face, "Y-You hardly know me!"

Vincent leaned over the table and patted my cheek, "And that's why we're meeting."

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