Your Son Has A Gf

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"MOM! DAD! GUESS WHAT?" I heard our 15 year old daughter Kamani yell running through the door. I looked at her confused. "What princess?" Justin said. "KYLE HAS-" Kamani started but was then tackled to the ground by Kyle. "NIGGA!" He yelled. "STOP! GET OFF ME!" Kamani yelled trying to pry him off. They wrestled on the floor rolling all around. "Hey you two stop." Justin said. I just laughed. Kyle whispered something to Kamani then got off. Kamani gasped and ran upstairs. Kyle looked at us. "What?" He said. "What did you just tell her?" Justin asked. He shook his head. "Nothing dad OMG.'' Kyle said. "When do we get to meet her?" I asked. Kyle and Justin looked at me. Kyle stared at me nervously. "Who Y/N?" Justin asked. "Kyle's girlfriend." I said smirking. Justin raised an eyebrow. ''You got a girlfriend?" He asked. Kyle is 17 so it's except able. Kyle nodded his head looking down. I laughed. ''Baby we aren't going to baby you about it. Your a grown man almost. I hope you would have a girlfriend at this age." I said giggling. Justin started laughing. "Well I do so no need to judge mother." He said. I smiled. "Okay now go do some homework or something?" I said. He smiled and left. "How'd you know?" Justin asked. "Kamani just texted me." I said laughing.

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