Breakfast Time

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"Y/N!" My mother called. I ran downstairs. "Yes ma." I said slightly annoyed because this is the 5th time she has called me in the last 10 minutes. I'm serious. "Your father and you are having a daddy daughter day." She said. I started mean mugging. "What you mean a daddy daughter day? I can't be seen with him!" I said pointing at dad. He looked up from his phone also mean mugging. I giggled because his was funny. "What you mean? He don't wanna be seen with you niether lil nig." My older brother Trey said walking in behind me. I looked at then rolled my eyes. "I'll spend time with you dad." He said. Dad smiled and dapped his son. "Well if those two freaks are going then I don't have to right?" I said. They both rolled their eyes at me. Mom looked from me to them. "I guess not. But we are gonna sit down like a family and have breakfast so go get washed up." Mom said pushing me slightly. "You betta stop before fight ma." I said. She stopped and looked at me. "You really wanna fight me?" She said putting her hand on her hip. I looked at her and shook my head quickly. "No ma'am." I said quickly. She did her lips some kinda and nodded. "Thought so. Now go." She said. I hope breakfast is good.

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