Chapter 17

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Trina Pov

Shit! Shit! Shit! Its not supposed to go down like this. Shit getting real, real quick. I gotta hurry up and get this shit straightened out. Damn, why did I have to be so stupid. I don't know why or how I got into this. I gotta fix this.

Shea Pov

Damn, my head is killing me. I don't know where I am. I know I'm tied to a chair, but they got a black bag over my head, so I can't see. They need to take this shit off before I have a panic attack.

What feels like hours later someone snatches the bag off my head. Well damn. I didn't even hear a door open or anything. You telling me they ass been in here with me and they ain't say shit? But anywaysss, I look and I see Trina, but she looks scared and worried.

"Shea-" I spit on her. I'm sorry y'all, but this is the dirtiest thing you can do to someone. I had to let her know how I feel about her trifling ass.

She mugged me then her face softened.

"Don't say shit to me. Now is not the time to try and have a decent conversation with me. If I wont tied up and pregnant I'd kick your black ass. Hell, I just might try it pregnant." I swear I wish I could slap her black ass.

" Shea I came help you." I hit her with the stank face.

"Nah, fuck you hoe, you a snake. I don't need your help. But, if we survive this I'll be sure your ass is dead after this."

"Shea stop being so damn stubborn. Think about your baby. I'm sorry for everything, but I had to do this. If I didn't they would have killed Kaleb and came for the squad.

"So you bring me to them? Your ass couldn't have told me this. We could have helped you out before it got to this." She untied my hands. Big mistake. I punched he hell out of her. I didn't just stop there. When she fell back I made sure to get on top of her and give her the business. Fuck she thought this was. All she did was cover her face. I went until I was tired. I finally got off of her.

"Get yo punk ass up off the floor." I heard someone coming so I quickly got back into the chair and put my hands behind my back.

"The fuck going on back here?" Some big Nigga asked. Trina stood by the door with blood coming from her lip and nose breathing hard.

"Nothing, I got this under control." She snapped before pushing him out the door.

When Shrek left I looked up at her.

"C'mon we gotta get you out of here. Lupe is out and Tasha is up in his room doing I don't know what." She said rushing to the door. Pause. I need to be sure of these things.

"Nawl hoe call and check." She rolled her eyes.

"We don't have time for this right now. Just trust me Lala." Damn, she used my childhood nickname. I looked at her for a long ass time before shaking my head okay.

She peeked and signled for me to come on. I was following her until we heard someone coming. She pushed me into a room then closed the door shut.

"Wassup Trina? Lupe said he wanna see you when he get back."

"Okay." I heard her reply.

"Plan still on?"

Im not sure what else was said, but thirty seconds later the door was snatched open. My ass almost died when that happened. Luckily it was her. She smiled before she reached out for my hand.

I wonder what her plan is.

By the time we got to the front some man walked in. Me and Trina both stopped in our tracks.

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