The characters.

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"What choice do I have? We just couldn't fix what we both helped to break."
- Cindy Rodriguez

"I regret everything. I'm sorry for not realizing that I've made a mistake."
- Jojen/Thomas Sangster

"I've always loved you. And I know that I can do anything to make you happy if you only give me another chance."
- Dylan O'Brien

"Because sometimes, it's best to just walk away from people who keeps on hurting us.."
- Minho/Ki Hong Lee

"Time is flying so fast. Tell it now because you will not have another life to spend later."
- Ava Sangster

"Could you really blame me for loving you?"
- Nathan Asher Fernandez

"Just follow what your instinct tells you.Girls just have the intuition when we do something we know is for the best.. You'll have a better decision. Trust me. You always does.."
- Kaya Scodelario

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