So Not Cliche 1

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Refer to Remember Me for information about the abbreviations present in this story. Thank you in advance for reading! :3 Oh and this is dedicated to SydWolfx3 Thanks for your comment!

Your POV

This. Is. So. Boring. You can't believe the teacher is reviewing this AGAIN. Didn't we learn this just last week? You sigh. You turn your head to stare out the window when you catch a flash of blonde hair and a cute face. But it was gone too soon.

'Does he go to our school' You think. The bell rings and you grab you bags quickly, switch to your outdoor shoes, and dash away from the school.

"[L/N]-senpai!" A young girl's voice calls out to you. You turn around and see a Junior High student running over to you. "Akio-sama wants to see you!"

"A..kio? Who's that?" You asked, a confused look on your face. The young girl blushes a deep red.

"H-he says you know him." Her confidence was lost and you took pity on her.

"What's your name?" You ask nicely.

"Akiyama Manami." She tugs at her hair nervously but you slowly see her lighting up again.

"Well, Akiyama, I appreciate you telling me. Can you please led me to him?" You ask and she smiles a cute smile.

"Yes. Please follow me!" She starts bouncing toward the school again as she speaks about her classes. You both reach a second-year class and Akiyama shies away.

"W-well I'll be leaving now." She tells you. You bow your head lightly, making her blush in surprise.

"I hope we can speak again." You tell her with a smile and she returns it before running off. You take a deep breath, slid the door open, to see the unknown boy called Akio.

"So you came?" His voice has a deepness to it. You observed him before moving inside. He has short black hair, green eyes, and glasses which he pushed up before you came in.

"I did. Why did you want me here?" You tilt your head slightly to the side.

"Well I wanted you here so I could ask you something." He pushes his glasses up again, a sparkle forming. "Please be my Valentine!" He begs all of a sudden, bowing lowly on the floor.

'What a change of personality!' You think in your head, blushing lightly.

"U-um... Is it really that time?" You ask awkwardly. His heads bobs up and down but he's still bowing.

"Y-you can get up. I mean, please get up." He follows your orders quickly, almost looking like a lost puppy.

"Please, [L/N]. I'm begging you!" He grabs your uniform jacket with tears in his eyes.

"O-okay." You whisper and he smiles widely.

"Thank you! I'll make sure it's the best day of your life!" You nod silently and start to walk out. But not before you see him grin slightly.


Hello again c: This is my second fanfiction. I am so sorry if it sucks like the last one xD I tried really hard to get the honorifics correct but if they are wrong PLEASE tell me! This book is requested by three people :3 Therefore I will dedicate the first three chapters to them. How did you like the first chapter? Was it good enough? I have a hard time making chapters long because I never plan out my stories and I'm scared I'll never have stuff to write. SOOOOOO I'm actually going to plan it. Hopefully I can get past 15 chapters ;-; wish me luck guise.

So yeah. That's all. Honestly, I think Akio is pretty hot. oops. maybe he's too hot.


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