Jake x reader (Girls lemon)

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Your P.O.V
Your getting dressed in your (f/c) shirt and your (l/c) shorts with a skull beanie when all of a sudden your phone rang you ran to answer it and saw it was from your crush jake english. "Hello jake!" You giggled "hey (n/n) can you come over? "Of corse jake! I'll be there in five minuets!" I quickly hung up and ran to his house and knocked jumping up and down only to be grabbed by the arm and dragged to his room pushing you gently onto the bed crawling on top of you "j-jake?!" You squeaked. Jake crashed his lips onto yours they tasted like (f/f), he licked you bottom lip asking for entrance you opened up and he explored every inch of you wet cavern and moved his hand to your breast squeezing gently taking off your shirt and bra. He broke the kiss and moved down to your right nub sucking on it while massaging the other one a moan escaped your lips and you took his shirt off. He looked at you "(n/n) do you want me?" He purred "yes p-please" you moan, he slipped off his pants and boxers and you shorts and (s/f/c) panties. His member was huge "are you ready?" He purred you nodded and he thrusted into you it was painful but it was soon pleasure you both moaned your hearts out "jake I'm g-gonna-" me to" "JAKEEE!" "(Y/N)!" You both reached climax and rolled over and snuggled under the covers
Word count 265

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