Thrown in the Dungeons

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Chapter 39


Percy fell, he had fallen so much that it really didn't bother him all that much anymore. Lorem stretched towards him and they locked hands. Her hair flew crazily above her head. The ground was in sight. He readied himself to land safely.

They tumbled onto soft carpets and a very large bedroom. The walls were all a cream shade with beautiful crown molding and all sorts of other architect words that Percy didn't know . . .

It was very beautiful, almost like a palace.

"What is this place?" Percy asked Lorem. She didn't look very good. Her face was pale. "Lorem?" Percy asked in concern. She seemed to fade in and out of focus.

"This place is dangerous," she said, "But I feel a stone here, I must recharge, find the stone, and stay safe." Her last words were barely a whisper before she vanished from sight. Fear tugged at Percy as he wondered what horrific thing could be in this world.

Then he heard someone scream.

That was always a good sign.


Percy turned to see a woman wrapped in a towel. His hand flew to cover his eyes. Percy turned back around to try and make the situation better.

"I am so sorry!" Percy said with his hand still over his eyes and his back to her, "I must have taken a wrong turn . . ." Percy didn't know what else to say, after all it was quite unlikely for someone to believe that Percy had just jumped through a portal.

"How dare you," the woman said, Percy couldn't remember what she looked like, only that she had been in a towel. But from the command in her voice, Percy was almost certain that he had met his demise. "Come into the Queen's chambers!" Percy cursed himself, of course she was a queen, of course, Percy had the worst luck, and "I should have your head for this." The scary part was that she sounded serious. Percy swallowed but said nothing. There was silence for a moment, "Move a muscle and I will kill you," she said before she seemed to walk about the bedroom.

Percy didn't move. With his hand over his eyes and his back to her, he was still.

He stood like that for a good five, maybe ten minutes. Percy heard the clack of heels on tile, then carpet. The sound stopped, in front of Percy.

"Who are you?" she asked, Percy could imagine her hands on her hips.

"My name is Percy," Then he reminded himself who he was talking to, "Your Majesty."

"Do you know whose bedroom you have invaded?" she asked sounding very miffed. Percy went through the short mental list of Queens he knew of. Percy really hoped it wasn't any queen he knew of, that would be very weird. He had a fleeting thought of meeting Queen Elizabeth of England in her younger years that would have been very awkward.

"Um . . . no . . .?" Percy said softly.

"Open your eyes," she commanded. Percy was sure that this would not end well.

He removed his hand and opened his eyes.

Before him was a very beautiful woman. Her face was all fair and blue eyes that were framed by light blonde hair. From the expression she held, she seemed pleasantly surprised by his eyes. Percy did, in fact, know his eyes' seductive qualities, so he was not surprised. Percy chastised himself for being sarcastic in this situation. She quickly reined herself in and lifted her chin a millimeter higher.

"Do you know now?" she demanded. Percy looked her up and down. He couldn't help from moving as he tried to think. Her deep blue dress and its professional looking cut told him that she was very much in charge and serious about running her kingdom. It also told him that the time period was not modern. And he had been correct in guessing that she had her hands on her hips.

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