You Have a Lovely Home

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"Do I look presentable?" Connor walked out of their bedroom wearing a white dress shirt, gray trousers, and a light blue sweater vest.

"Lose the sweater vest and roll up the sleeves, " Kevin replied.

"Then I look like you!" He pointed at Kevin's almost identical outfit.

"No, my shirt is blue and my pants are khaki."

"Fine," Connor pulled the vest over his head and walked into their room.

Kevin stood back and looked at the "aggressively straight" apartment. The walls were decorated with sport jerseys, and there was a camouflage pillow on the couch. Kevin shivered at that sight and Connor almost barfed, but they thought it would get the message across more than they would.

Connor had cooked a big meal for them to share and bought a nice cake for dessert. He was excited to have the Prices over. In all honesty, he adored Kevin's family from the first day he meet them. They were all so perky like Kevin was when he came to Uganda. All of them had the appearance of a model family that comes in picture frames. Kevin's brothers and sister were just like him and his father was like, what Connor could predict, an older version of Kevin. Mrs. Price stood out more from the family of Kevins but had a 1950s house wife feel to her. She always wore dresses with bright colors and her hair was styled to still be stuck in the time she was born. Connor loved the vintage aesthetic and was always surprised by her quirky sense of fashion.

They were finally done "fixing" the
apartment when the doorbell rang. Connor, suddenly looking uncomfortable, pulled Kevin as far away from the door as he could.

"I don't think this is a good idea. I was wrong, your family should know you're gay," He said in a low hush.

"No!" Kevin whispered. "I'm not ready to and this plan will work."

"Kev, I'm afraid that you'll just stay hidden forever. I don't want you to have to suffer with keeping that very important thing bottled up. Trust me, I know what it's like to do that, and it is not fun."

The doorbell rang again and Kevin opened the door. Outside, his parents and youngest brother were standing on their doormat, Mrs. Price holding an apple pie. Connor smiled and took the gift inviting them inside. He made a small comment to Kevin wondering how she traveled the pie all the way from Utah. Kevin shrugged and came to the conclusion that she probably used an Easy Bake Oven in their hotel room.

"Oh, this is a lovely home you two have!" Mrs. Price hung up her coat and took her husband's as well. Her eyes scanned the small apartment, but stopped on the camouflage pillow. "And such nice furnishing..."

Mr. Price fell on the couch, exhausted and old. "Your mom made us walk all around the city, boys."

Connor tilted his head at the way he referred to Mrs. Price as "mom" and used "boys" instead of just Kevin.

"Mom wants to see a Broadway show," Kevin's little brother (now in high school but still tiny to Kevin nonetheless), Darius, said while looking at all the shelves of snow globes and knickknacks the boys had.

"She should see Connor's show!" Kevin beamed, remembering the show Connor had been on for years now. It was anyone's last chance to see him, as well. Connor was trying to leave that production.

"It's not on Broadway, though!" Connor waved his hands. "If you want to see a Broadway show I highly recommend Phantom-"

"Oh no, honey! I would adore seeing you!" Mrs. Price sat down next to Mr. Price. "Wouldn't that be fun, dear?"

Mr. Price smiled. "Yes it would."

Connor just nodded his head and offered to get drinks for everyone.

Darius was walking around the apartment, scoping out everything. He saw two bedrooms, one with the door slightly cracked. Darius looked behind him, making sure no one saw him, and peaked his head in the room. Surprisingly, he found only a bed and a nightstand. There was no other furniture and an empty closet. Slightly confused, he opened the neighboring room. Inside was a large bed, a dresser, a full closet, shelves full of books and random Mickey mouses, and two nightstands. He also noted that the sheets were clearly better than the other bed's and silently walked away.

Kevin was too busy talking to his dad about the recent soccer game to notice Darius' puzzled face. Connor brought over five glasses of water and picked up the cat off the floor.

"You okay, bro?" Kevin asked, finally noticing Darius.

"Yeah, yeah!" He waved his concern off. "I just didn't know you had a cat."

"Do you want to hold him?" Connor held out their cat, Oliver. "He may be fat but he's nice."

Darius smiled and took the pet.

"Where is the restroom?" Mrs. Price stood up.

"Just turn that corner right behind you and it's the door at the end of that small hallway," Kevin responded.

"Thank you," She turned around and noticed the doors open to both rooms.

Sharing the same curiosity as her son, Mrs. Price looked inside each of them making note of what was there. Silently, she gasped and covered her mouth. She walked out of the little hallway and back into the living room.

"Dear," Mrs. Price looked at her husband. "Can I talk to you quickly?"

A/N: I don't know if the other brother Kevin has (besides Jack) name's Darius, I just named him that because why not? Anyways, I have assigned an update day for this story and it is every Friday. Do not expect many more chapters, at most I would have 6. However, you can look forward to the next one on Friday.

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