18.98: different story, same world

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I need your help, YOU IN REAL LIFE fans!

I've launched a story for Open Novella Contest, called 18.98. This story also contains a ghostly theme, but it's a thriller and is much darker than this one, with characters college aged through mid to late 20s. 

BUT... it is set in the same region as YOU IN REAL LIFE, in a rural part of the county about a 15-20 minute drive from Dorn. I hadn't thought to connect the stories at first, but now that I have thought about it... I wonder if it's a good idea. 

18.98 will remain an independents story, but what if... the characters in that story showed up for a pizza at Mazzeria? Or maybe one of the characters mentions one of Kayla's siblings. 

What are your thoughts? I would love for there to be this passing connection. Let me know what you think!

If you are interested, here is the teaser for 18.98:

It's referred to by several names: the ghost frequency, the haunted frequency, the fear infrasound.

You can't hear sound at 18.98 hertz, but your body feels it, and when it does, some believe you've opened yourself to the world of the supernatural.

Liv used to believe the ghost frequency was real, and so did her friend, Helina. While Liv came to shun this notion, Helina went in the opposite direction, becoming obsessed with using the ghost frequency to access a paranormal plane of existence. Now, Helina has gone missing, and her brother, Graham is convinced the ghost frequency has something to do with it... and Liv is the only one who can find her.

Liv agrees to help Graham search for his sister, but she brings with her memories of a fraught relationship and a great and unforgiveable harm done—a harm so deeply scarring, she's willing to do something terrible to gain revenge, even if it means losing Helina, and even herself, forever.

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