Chapter One

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Marry him? Yes, I did want to marry him, but I was only seventeen?! Should I say, yes, and give up my entire life to Billie. Or should I say, no, and lose him? I wasn't sure. I paused in thought for an answer to his question.

"Uhm...yes?" I said, my voice shaky.

His bright green eyes were wide with surprise, and love. He took me in his arms, flushing away the sadness for the moment, and kissed me in the most passionaite way possible. His arms wrapped around me, holding me, and his hands tangled in my curly deep brown hair.

"I'll have a ring for you soon, it'll be beautiful, just like you." Billie promised, and gave me one last quick kiss.

Just for the moment, I forgot all about the depression, he took it all away. All I could think about was how much I loved him, and how much I didn't want to lose him. He was the only thing I had left that mattered, and I can't let something like that slip though my fingers. I never wanted to let him go, not ever. He was going to be mine forever, I swear.

I pulled him so close, I could smell the sweetness of his coulonge, and I practicly melted. He smiled, knowing somehow, what he did to me. I smiled shyly, and ran my hands through his silk soft hair, enjoying the moment while I could.

Billie took me close in his arms, and kissed me yet again, his lips so perfect on mine. The kiss began to grow deep, deep enough to get lost in. Before we even knew what we were doing he had already stripped both of our clothes off, and I laid their in awe, staring at him. He flashed me a quick smile, and it made me smile back.

He kissed me again, and it made butterflies poke around in my belly. He gently kissed my neck, and down my arms, which made me giggle. I giggled...He smiled really big, and I knew just right then everything was going to be okay. Just by looking in those big green eyes, that never fail to soak me up like a sponge.

*****A Few Hours Later*****

*****Billie's Point Of View*****

Kaela was silently sleeping, probably tired after all we had done, she looked happy. I hope she always loves me. I stood, and went into the bathroom, scratching my head sleepily. I had to get a shower so I could drive her home, her mom was probably flipping out. I would if it were my kid. I hope I had a kid or two one day, I'm good with kids.

I turned the shower onto hot, mixed with a tiny bit of cold. I loved having it hot enough to make my skin blotchy red, and to be breathing in the steam. Even though it stung like hell, it made me feel comfortable.

The sweetly hot water hit my skin, and I smiled at the warmth it brought me. I took some of the AXE shampoo off of the top shelf, and poured a glob on my hand. It smelled strong, and sweet. I lathered it in my tangled black hair, and the suds ran down my face. I closed my eyes so the soap wouldn't burn them, and rinsed it out as quick as I could. Soap/shampoo in general, just bothered me when it was on my face, it just TAUNTED me to open my eyes. That was annoying. Exspesically when I opened my eyes, and they burn like fuck! Then I just want to kill the soap. Kill it.

Finishing with my hair, I ran my hands though it with mousy smelling conditioner, and rinsed it away too. Conditioner was OKAY, it didn't try to light my eyes on fire. Otherwise I would kill it, too. Just like I did poor Mr.Shampoo by rinsing him down the drain too quickly.

Almost done with my shower, I washed myself with AXE body wash, rinsed, and hopped out onto a towel. I wrapped myself up, and was out into my dressing room again. Kaela was still sleeping soundly. Thank God she was at least getting some sleep.

I tip toed around her and slipped on a random outfit from my closet. After I got done tying my hi-tops I walked back over, and picked Kaela up bridle style. We had to get to Huntington soon, and I'm guessing it's a decent drive.