WEBYS - Chapter Five

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::With Every Breath You Stole::

Chapter Five:

"God damn it."

Autumn tried not to let the sound Wesley's distressed cuss kick at her already battered heart, but both sympathy and guilt welled up in her stomach when she heard him slam his car door shut.

She stood behind the corner of the youth centre's walls somewhere she knew Wesley couldn't see her from. She watched as he rounded his car leaning against the hood as he buried his face into his hands, his camera perched beside him, as if it created an invisible barrier between him and the rest of the world.

Walk away. Walk away.

She swallowed, her feet staying firmly in place.

She couldn't just walk away. She needed to get to her car - which unfortunately was parked a few spaces down from where Wesley was now. She had intended on waiting until everyone had gone home before leaving in an attempt to avoid Bernice just as much as Wesley.

But that plan had blown up rather spectacularly in her face.

Now there wasn't anyone else around, and it didn't look like Wesley was going anywhere anytime soon.

Her stomach plummeted as she tried and failed to tear her eyes off of Wesley.

He looked so lost that it pained the part of her, which she most desperately tried to rid herself of.

She clenched her jaw.

This wasn't her problem.

All she had to do was walk by him, head held high as she passed where he was parked.

Don't even spare him a glance.

But to do that she first had to look away from him in the first place.

...Or she could just wimp out, and cower here until he found someway to leave.

But her feet had come up with a whole other plan all on their own. Against both her heart and her common sense she found herself walking directly towards Wesley Young.

Wesley Young.

Damn it. Just his name alone was enough to send ricochets of pain through her hollow chest.

She hated more than anything the power he still held over her.

The power to make her feel guilt.

The power to make her feel pain.

...The power to make her unable to ignore him.

"Car troubles?" She found herself saying, her voice coming out small.

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