31. Hospital

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31. Hospital

"So what happened?" Asked the doctor who looked at my bruise and soon to be scar.

"I fell down a flight of stairs." I lied as he touched the area around my bruise. I winched slightly not in pain more in mortification that this had happened.

"Luckily your boyfriend-"

"He's not my boyfriend." I corrected him. He looked wide eyed at my persistence. "He's not." I shook my head and looked at the wall.

"Okay, well the bruise will heal on its own but the gash won't. We'll need to shave the hair around it to properly get it healed." He nodded. I put my finger to the wound and noticed its placement, behind my right ear. I shrugged.

"Just do it." I insisted.

"Alright." He went to get the nurses for assistance.

As he left the room Damon came over and sat next to me.

"Rose," my name fell from his lips as he grabbed my hand in his. "Although Harry's mad right now, he really does love you." He squeezed my hand tighter to his palm.

"You think?" I asked unsure looking him directly in the eyes.

"I know." He smirked nodding. I bit my lip pulling my hand from his.

As the silence grew so did my anxiety. "Damon." I called his attention back to me. He nodded letting me carry on. "Do you think Harry deserves a second chance?" I asked curious to his answer.

"I believe everyone deserves second chances." He nodded looking into my eyes. "And I'm not incompetent, it's obvious you two still love each other." He stated matter of factly as my cheeks burned a shade of red.

"You're a great friend to him." I mumbled nodding.

"Harry means a lot to me and I'd do anything for him. He says the same about you, ya know?"

"Does he?"

"Rose, he's never cared this much about someone besides his family, much less a girl. You've changed him for the better. He's told me that if it came down to it, he'd take a bullet for you." He paused getting ready to start a story. "I remember that day he came up to me and asked me to teach him. He never showed much interest in my boxing but this time it was different, he was motivated. He was enraged and was telling me about Jamie. He packs an incredible punch and actually fights out of his weight. It's obvious Jamie is bigger than Harry. About three times in muscle mass but Harry can take him down." He laughed. "He's sicker than a love struck puppy when it comes to you." He smiled widely at me. The left side of my mouth curled into a smirk thinking about what he said. "And whoever or whatever gets in your way will be destroyed by him." He said in a cautious warning tone that turned my mood. Before I could ask him what he meant the doctor had already come back.

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