1. Changing winds

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"Where is he?" I muttered to myself, frustration building with every passing moment.

I was pressed for time and couldn't indulge in a game of hide-and-seek with Zephyr. My to-do list was already overflowing, and the last thing I needed was any distractions. Despite my admiration for his quirks and free-spirited nature, his tendency to keep me waiting often left me frustrated. He prized his individuality and creative freedom, but even as the embodiment of Aquarius, the man still required some degree of organisation in his life. It was no wonder that he took me on as his personal attendant.

As I strolled down the wind corridor, the cool air enveloped me, carrying with it the sweet fragrance of blooms from the lush gardens nearby. This was my first time venturing into my boss's wing ever since I ended up in the Zodiac realm and under Zephyr's employment. He usually preferred to see people in the grand central office of the house, but after making me wait for him for over an hour, it was clear I was going to have to find him and drag him there.

The sound of my footsteps echoed through the halls as I made my way down the winding marble staircase. I had heard rumours of the grandeur and beauty of Zephyr's private chambers, but I resisted the temptation to take a peek as I walked past the ornamented doorway that led there. Instead, I focused my attention on his private study. With a push, I opened the heavy wooden door and stepped inside, taken aback by the sheer magnificence of the room. The towering ceilings and walls covered in shelves overflowing with books left me in awe. Streams of sunlight beamed down from the skylights, illuminating the vast space and casting a warm, inviting glow over everything in sight.

As an Aquarius myself, Zephyr's private study elicited envy and admiration. The room was brimming with an extensive collection of publications on the art of air magic, as well as a range of tools for measuring and manipulating wind patterns, including weathervanes and anemometers. It was a pure paradise for any air sign, and to top it all off, there was even a dedicated corner for observing the majesty of storms. The space was a dream come true for anyone passionate about the wonders of the air element.

But I wasn't here to gawk in amazement. If I wanted anything done today, I had to get Zephyr back to our lab as soon as possible. I took a step forward, my eyes scanning the room for any signs of him.

When I finally spotted him, he was seated at his desk at the far end of the study, facing away from me, lost deep in his thoughts.


He didn't answer, so I cleared my throat to make my presence known. "Boss?"

Irritation bubbled inside me when he, once again, ignored me. I spoke up, determined to be heard. "Let me make this clear, Zephyr. You may hold a position on the Zodiac Council, but that does not exempt you from treating me with the respect I deserve. When I agreed to work for you, I told you I won't tolerate being kept waiting, twiddling my thumbs, until you deign to grant me your attention."


I stormed towards him, ready to give him a further piece of my mind. As I reached him and spun his chair around to confront him, I was met with a motionless figure. Not a flinch, not even a blink.

Was this another one of his experiments? The thought filled me with annoyance, reminding me of all the times he had pulled these pranks on me. Working for him for the past six months had been a rollercoaster of a journey, as he was never one to shy away from pushing boundaries. He was a true innovator, an inquisitive mind that could only be satisfied with finding answers to problems that no one even realised existed yet.

Despite my frustration, I was trapped in this world. One day, I'd stumbled upon a mysterious mirror amongst my family heirlooms, and before I knew it, it rippled when I touched it, transporting me to a place I barely understood when I dived in.

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