Chapter 15

Monday morning came too fast. My alarm went off and I casually hit the snooze button with my painted finger. My mom came in the room after five minutes to check on me.

"Avery Elise," she patted my back, " It's time to get up now, sweetheart." I feigned sleep and drew in a deep breath. "Avery, are you alright?"

I groaned, faking my sickness. I threw in some tossing and turning to show my discomfort even further. For dramatic effect, I threw myself off the bed, moaning all the way down.

"Avery, you're fine. Get up, now." she said in a less than amused tone.

"No, Mom!" I whined. " I can't even drive to school. I feel THAT terrible."

"I'm sorry, Ave. Nice try." Mom said a little too sweetly. "'Don't tell me you forgot. Jace is coming to pick you and Jordi up today. Your truck is in the shop. Remember? So you don't even have to worry about driving! Let Jace take care of you."

Let Jace take care of me...that sounds nice. Um, I mean, if he were Garrett...

I then remembered the last time I spoke with Jace... The way his heart broke in front of my eyes. The guilt consumed me. I got dressed in something cute, but not too cute. I didn't want Jace to get the wrong idea. Walking on eggshells and watching what I said around him was going to be difficult.

I put on some dark-wash jeans and white sneakers. I paired them with a teal v-neck and an orange, creamsicle sweater. Just as I slipped on my shoes, I heard a car horn blare outside my window. My mom called to me from downstairs and dismissed me with a kiss. Slinging my bag over my right shoulder, I looked up and spied Jordi in the front seat.

Thank goodness. One less potentially awkward situation to go through, today.

Jordi stuck her tongue out and I wondered if she was actually fifteen, almost sixteen. I shook my head and jerked the back door handle with brute force. That door has been sticky since he dented it on a pole he hit when he was fifteen.

"Where's your bike, J?" I said, trying to keep my emotions from spilling.

"At home. Your mom said you gals needed a ride, so I took my old car instead." he said, quietly.

"Oh" I concluded with much wit.

The rest of the short ride there consisted of Jordi talking to, well, us, but she was really just talking to herself. Her incessant chatter stopped when the engine did. The car didn't even slide into the parking space completely before Jordi was out and running to join her friends. She left us with a silence, but it was comfortable.

I climbed into the front seat, leaving my books in the back. They clashed together when I tossed them off of my lap. I felt Jace's eyes on me as I brushed the hair from my face, again. I glanced over at him and smiled a guilty smile.

"Heard you weren't feeling good today?" I looked at him, confused. "It's what your mom said."

"Gotcha" I nodded in understanding.

"So since you're not feeling well...Whaddaya say? Wanna ditch?"

I grinned mischievously. I leaned over the center console and hugged him tight.

"You know, you may dress like a prep, but you definitely don't go to school like one..." he teased.

It felt good to see him smile again. It released some of the pressure in my tight chest. I was able to breathe a little more. Tonight might not be so bad...

We left the parking lot before the final bell. That way, we were still allowed to leave campus.