How you first met

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It's your first year at Hogwarts and you're pretty nervous. You really want to be sorted into Gryffindor. Your father and mother were in Gryffindor when they went to Hogwarts.
Anyway, you were waiting with the rest of the first years in front of the Great Hall. You are standing next to a boy. You see his forehead and realize you're standing next to the Harry Potter. He notices you looking at him and smiles.
"Hello," he says. "I'm Harry Potter."
"Hi," you reply back. "I'm Y/N." You knew this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

You were heading to your next class when you bumped into someone and knocked your and the person's bags to the ground.
"Watch where you're going, Mudblood!" A voice yelled at you as the person picked up their bag.
"I'm sorry," you looked up and widened your eyes. You had bumped into Draco, your secret crush.
"What are you looking at?" Draco said, pushing you out of the way. As he walked down the corridor with his two minions behind him, you blush furiously.
You have just met your crush and he already hates you.

You are friends with the Weasley twins and you're crushing on one of them. Yes. You're in love with Fred.
You met the twins when you bumped into Fred when looking for an empty car on the Hogwarts Express.
But he doesn't know you like him. He has a crush on Angelina.

You heard of him, seen him around Hogwarts pranking with Fred, and you never met him.
You were in class, writing an assignment due at the end of class. A paper ball hits you in the back of your head. You turn around and see Georgie looking at you.
Will you go on a date with me. He mouths to you.
You nod an yes back and turn back to your assignment. You can hear George and Fred cheer behind you and Professor Mcgonagall smacks them across their head and gives them detention.

You were just a friend. A friend to Ron Weasley, someone who will never notice your feelings for him.
Well, he is oblivious to girls giving him attraction.

You met the clumsy boy when he tripped and bumped into you, bringing the both of you to the ground.
"I'm so s-sorry," he apologizes, trying to get up.
"It's okay," you help him. "It happens to everyone."
"Thank you for helping me," he looks at you and starts to blush.
So cute, you thought.
"You're welcome," you smile at him, making him blush even more. "my name is Y/N. And yours?"
"Ne-Neville," he stammers.
Little did you two know, that meeting was leading to a beautiful relationship.

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