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"join your crew?"
"Yeah!" Luffy said giggling.
"Im sorry i have to refuse. I have to stay here, at this island."
"I refuse your refusal"
"Tch. I guess i do need a home, and you do have food."
"Yay!" Luffy said as he ran to a orange haired girl to tell her something. Probably that joined the crew.

I looked over the ship to see that we were at the docks. Not to far from that 'home' i habe in the woods. I should go pack. I went up to Zoro to tell his what i was doing.

"Hey Zoro, im going to get my stuff."
"Ok, we're going to a resturant in about an hour for dinner and its kind of a fancy place."
"Its kind of a fancy place so dress nice!" The orange haired woman said.
"Ok thanks." I said smiling.

I walked through the woods to my home that was a few yards away. I didnt really have anything fancy to wear. I hope moss head dosent get all drunk again. He sure does sleep alot. Wont he catch a cold sleeping outside like that? Oh well, im finally here! I shoved everything into my backpack and tried to find something fancy to wear. I got a black cropped top, with a black and mint circle skirt to wear with it. I guess this will have to do. I dont have any shoes to wear so ill just have to wear these black combat boots.
I started walking tword the only fancy-ish resturant we have. When i got there i saw marimo head sitting with a blonde guy with a suit on and swirly eye brows, the orange haired woman, a guy with a long nose, and luffy. The blonde guy was kinda cute. I blussed a little and luffy turned around and said "here (y/n)! You can sit between me and Sanji!"
So sanji is the cute one, got it. I walked up to them and sat down. The orange hair lady was wearing a red long dress, zoro wearing black pants, hus black boots, white shirt, and and a black jacket type thing. Luffy was wearing pretty much the same thing as i saw him on the ship, and long nose was wearing something just like zoros outfit but with cropped pants instead and shorter boots.

"My names Nami. Whats yours?"
"(Y/n). Whats his name?" I asked pointing to long nose.
"Oh, thats ussop!" She said.
"Well... Its nice to meet you all! I hope i look alright, i dont have alot of clothes." I said.
"You look ravishing (y/n)! No need to worry!" Sanji said in a friendly voice.
"Thanks" i muttered looking at the floor blushing.

Eberyone laughed and went back to eating and having conversations with eachother.


We were all going to bed and it was just me and zoro sitting in the crows nest.

"So... You like that love cook dont you?"
"What?" I asked confused.
"I DO NOT!!" I yelled blushing.
He just laughed and said "sure you dont."

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