Pay Backs A Bitch

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I tried to defend myself as he continued to hit me. I was fighting back until he punched me dead in my face causing me to fall and making my vision blur. This was all over a petty argument that me and lucas had . He finally stopped and left.

About six months later I started to stalk him. Like a cheetah would stalk their prey .

It was 9:30 at night and I finally got him where I wanted him. he was walking down the street with his beats turned all the way up. I was in my all black camaro and slowly drove around the block until lucas noticed. But he didnt see who it was because of my dark tinted windows. When he started to run I grabbed my black 9mm glock and shot 3 times. I wasnt gonna kill him. So I shot him in his leg.

One month later

I was walking down Lucas block omw home. And he noticed me. His leg was casted and he was walking with crutches.

Lucas - Is that Yn ? *Walking up to you*

Yn - Oh my god Lucas how have you been !! *walking and talking with lucas*

I was putting on a whole act.

Lucas - Well as you can see im in a cast

Yn - Oh my god !! Poor baby what happened.

Lucas - Some one shot m-

He cut his self off as we got in front of my house where he seen my all black Camaro parked in my drive way. He started to back up. But he didn't know I was strapped so I took my gun out.

Me - I wouldn't do that if i were you pretty boy *taking the safety off* Get in the fucking house Lucas. .

We walked up to my door with my gun on his back.

Just then my nosey neighbor came out.

Me - Hey Ms.Shirley

Shirley - Hey baby ! I see you and your boyfriend are back together

Me - Yeah he couldn't stay away for long *kissing his cheek*

I said looking at Lucas who was giving her a death stare that she didn't notice. She got her mail and went into the house.

Me - You must want me to kill you right here right now.

Lucas - what did I do ?

Me - Don't play dumb with me lucas. Ill pop ya ass right now. You dont know how crazy you made me.

He got silent.

Me - Get yo bitch ass inna house right now.

He opened the door and I threw him on the couch. And turned the tv on to distract him. I turned the faucet on in the kitchen so he couldn't hear me sneak up behind him. Once I was behind him. I pistol whipped him. Giving him a large black bruise on his fore head. I went to turn the faucet off and awaited for him to wake again. He didnt wake up for a while so i dragged him into my back yard and threw him into the pool causing him to awaken. He got out wet so i dragged him in the house dried his face. Took his clothes off leaving him in his soaked boxers. Then I put duck tape over his mouth so no one would hear his screams. I took my belt off and continued to whoop him with my belt. Then I just started hitting him. I was hitting him like he was an punching bag. And I kicked him in the face twice. Two blows to the face is all he needed he was out once again ..I checked his pulse to see if I didnt kill him. I cleaned up all of the dried up blood off his face. And he woke up.

Lucas - Why? Why would you do this to me? Do you see how much pain and torture your putting me through.

Me - I really dont care lucas

Lucas - you shot me in the leg. you lumped up my face. I feel like my nose is broken. What more do you want. *crying*

I hate seeing men cry. So i broke down crying myself

Me - Iam so sorry lucas *sobbing*

Then I stopped crying wiped my tears away and grabbed my gun off the counter

Me - But payback's a bitch

Those were my last words to lucas as I as I shot him 3 times in the chest. Killing him

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