Postponed for the Day: Defense Against the Dark Arts

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Chapter 38


When Percy had finally finished talking to Dumbledore it was morning. Dumbledore had tried to tell him that he needed rest, but there was no way Percy was going to waste his last day in Hogwarts.

Dumbledore walked with Percy to breakfast. Percy was invisible because of the mist that covered him as they walked. When they weren't passing students Dumbledore would whisper Percy's name to see if he was still there. Percy would chuckle as he would say yes.

The grand hall was as lively as ever. Percy left Dumbledore to go sit next to Harry who had left room next to him on the bench for Percy. Harry looked up to Percy as he approached and whispered to him.

"You look horrible," he said, trying not to let Hermione hear from her seat across the table where she was studying some text book while she ate oats.

"Thanks," Percy replied, "So do you," Harry smirked at the jab and returned to his meal, careful not to look at Percy too long knowing no one else could see him. Percy was all too aware of the dark circles under his eyes. He would have to reenergize somehow.

"What happened to you yesterday?" Harry asked softly while he stared at his bacon as if to make it render the answers. Percy sighed remembering the chains around his wrists.

"I was kidnapped by Malfoy I think," Percy said. Harry couldn't keep from looking at Percy.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked, "How can he kidnap you?" Percy knew that Harry would not be in danger of being kidnapped the rest of the year, he needed to not shift fate.

"Listen, you will find out soon enough, okay?" Percy said grabbing some of the eggs that were on the plates before him. Harry was not satisfied.

"Percy Jackson, if you don't tell me what you know, so help me-"

"Chill out man!" Percy said putting his hands up, "listen, now is not the time, later okay?" Harry looked like he wanted to argue, but he huffed and continued to eat. After using so much magic the night before for his escape and then talking all night had really made him ravenous. Percy had had five servings easily before his stomach finally retaliated and he stopped.

Hermione said nothing all breakfast, obviously trying to avoid glancing over at Ron and his girlfriend who sat only a few seats down from Harry and Percy. Harry said nothing the rest of breakfast, silently fuming about not knowing. Percy wanted to laugh at his friend for being so childish.

After they had finished their breakfast they began heading towards Harry's first class.

Percy knew that this was the last day, and since it was, Percy wanted to make it count.

"Harry," Percy whispered to Harry who looked at him, "I have an idea," Percy explained how this was his last day and then he explained his master plan. Harry seemed to forget about what had happened at breakfast as Percy explained.

"That's brilliant Percy!" Harry exclaimed, "But he will get so mad." Percy weighed it.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of everything," Percy assured him. Harry smirked and Percy raced to the common room.

"There's no way that'll work!" Harry called after him. Percy looked behind him and smiled.

"No point in life if you don't live every once in a while! Best to try and be wrong then not try at all!" Percy yelled back. With a shaking of his head, Harry went off towards the potions classroom.


"Class," Snape said in the miserable tone that he used when addressing his students, "The quiz you took on Monday was horrifying. I hope that you will try harder in your studying for your test next week over this chapter and the next chapter that we will be covering in the next few days-"Snape had begun walking around the room and down the aisles. He stopped abruptly in front of Hermione Granger's desk and looked down at her with his disgusted look that he had mastered perfectly over the years, "Miss Granger, this is not free period, put away your book before you hurt yourself," some of the Slytherin snickered, Hermione looked mortified, "Ten points from Gryffindor, lets pay attention Granger." She put away her book and returned her attention to him looking a bit pink in the face. Snape walked back to the center aisle before continuing his announcements. "So, everyone please note that this next test could mean the saving grace or the dismantlement of your grade. For most of you it is the latter, but do try to study so that you can at least pretend that you are not a miserable failure."

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