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So, I think I will start doing small updates more. I want to dedicate this to everyone whom commented and soccer_reading10 for giving me an idea for the story. Thanks love <3

On to the story...

Cristiano's POV

The talk between amber and me didn't go over so well. Somehow she turned it around making everything my fault and I ended up sleeping in the room with Cristianinho. I didn't mind it though because I missed my little mam.

The next day I did ever thing I could to avoid Amber because has been in in a bad mood. Pregnant women are crazy. Plus, I am pissed at her. I have every right to be mad she doesn't its nothing like I was kissing and hanging out with another women but I guess I will always be the person who takes all the blame in our relationship.

I made it to the stadium for practice. The entire time it took ever thing I had in me to not confront Gareth but knowing the right now him having Amber on his side would be a bad idea. I love my wife, yet she allows another man to kiss her and I am the one that is wrong. I keep my anger at bay and go through practice not speaking to anyone.

Once practice was over, I decided to walk home and having my car sent home. I needed a long walk to clear my head before I see Amber again. I just can't understand why I our relationship is so hard. I mean we go through so much together but it like every little thing causes us to fight and just about break up. Honestly, I can't take it. Its become to be to much for me to handle.

I turned a curb and walked into someone, "Shit"

"Oh shit, I am so sorry," I said looking up at the person I bumped into. "Tamara?"

"Yeah? Wait-Cristiano?" she said.

"Holy crap, it's been forever since I have seen you," I said pulling her into a hug.

"Yeah, I know. I have been keeping up with you career though. I been to a couple of games," she said pulling away.

"Really? You should have notified someone and we could have met up," I told her.

"No, its completely fine. You're a busy man now. Well, a busy married man. Congrats, it was all over the news," she said.

"Oh yeah," I said frowning a little.

"So...how is married life treating you?" she smiled.

"Uhjfk salf sakjfsa" I said.

"Oh no, what's wrong?"

"Everything!" I told her.

"Wanna talk about it?" she said.

"Yeah, my house is a couple of blocks from here, I could tell you everything on the way over and we could get you a new shirt because I feel bad," I offered.

"Yeah, yeah sure," she said. We began walking and I told her everything.

On the walk to my house I told her everything, and I mean everything. Tamara had always been a great listener, even back when we where kids she had always knew how to handle me. Even with Irina in the picture she still made our friendship possible.

I stared at her and she talked. Man, she is beautiful. Very curvy, her brown hair was now black which suited her. She really grew up since I last saw her, which happened to be around the time we graduated for school. I regret not staying in touch with her, but its no better time than the present to fix things between us.

We arrived to the house and no one was there. Which was weird because Amber doesn't have a job so I don't see why she isn't here. She must have went with Danielle and the kids to FunWorld (A/N: Idk if that place it real I just made it up). Took her upstairs to the closet and gave her one of my shirts, which was a bit big on me her but it still looked good on her.

"Want to go down to the kitchen and get something to eat since its almost dinner time?" I asked her. She nodded.

We cooking food for everyone and just talked about everything. I was so glad to have bumped into her today. She gave me something I need, which was someone to talk to about my troubles.

"Hey, get me back my oreo," I told her. "No one takes my oreos"

I jumped for the oreo and we fell on the floor she was trying to keep the cookie from me but I climbed over her to get. "Success" I yelled.

"What the fuck is going on here?"

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