Guren Ichinose x Reader

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Genre: Action (slight)

Note: This is like the anime, except instead of Yoichi and Yuu, it's you and [f/n]. Anyhow, this will not be fully Guren x Reader through the story, however, it is the main...pairing (I apologize if it's bad).

You were fairly excited today. Why? Guren told you that you were going to be getting your demon weapon today, along with your friend, [f/n]. After school ended, you met up with Guren, and he led you to a vast and slightly eerie room.

The room was filled with numerous gargoyle-like creature statues, and think outlines of magic circles were seen engraved upon the ground. You looked around, awed.

"Alright, [y/n], [f/n]. Go ahead." He gestured toward one of the gargoyle statues. "You will have to sleep on that magic circle, and you will meet a demon there. If you're strong enough, you'll acquire the weapon. If you're not, however, that demon will possess your body."

You and your friend nodded in response as you made yourself comfortable. Once you were asleep, you felt yourself being drifted into a world of white. Completely white. Abruptly there was a girl in front of you.

You recognized this girl as your sister, who were killed by vampires, and to this day, you swore that you would avenge your sister's death, so you were quite determined to acquire the weapon.

"Hi, [y/n]." Your sister smiled. "You're finally here to avenge me, huh?"

"[s/n]..." You murmured, "of course! I'm definitely going to avenge you!"

[s/n] chuckled. "I'm glad to hear that." Her facial expression started changing. It went from a genuine smile to an evil smirk plastered upon [s/n]'s face.

"You're not her..." You realized right that instant. Your sister would never make that face to you; she cared about you, a lot. "You're not her at all, god d*mn it!" You screeched, and that's when everything seemed to shatter.

Next thing you know: you found yourself in a somewhat cold, white and snowy atmosphere. You shivered as you looked around. "[y/n]..." You heard a feminine voice whisper.

You squeaked in surprise as you turned around. You saw a girl with a deathly pale skin tone, which made her brown mono-colored eyes stand out. She had silver hair flowing down her back, and she wore a black hat with a rose on the brim of the hat. She had a black dress flowing down to her knees with light pink ribbons decorating her dress.

"Who are you?" You inquired, raising an eyebrow.

The mysterious girl smiled, revealing her teeth, two of which were fanged. "My, my. I thought you had come for the demon weapon, no? So how can there be any possible way for you not to recognize me?" She paused. "Well, I'm the demon you're supposed to 'defeat.'" She stated.

"Who are you?"

"That question will be answered depending on your actions, [y/n] [l/n]." She smirked approaching you. She then put her hand (which was really cold) upon your heart. She abruptly chuckled. "Ah~ I can feel revenge resonating from your heart, so this must be revenge on the vampires?"

You paused for a moment before replying, "...yeah..."

"Maybe I had slightly underestimated your ability. That lust you're giving off really makes me excited. Maybe I'll come with you."

"Really?" You beamed at the demon.

She chuckled. "Now, don't get too excited. I'll go with you and let you wield the weapon, however the moment your heart weakens - even for a moment - I won't hesitate to take over your body."

You nodded as she smiled. "Anyways, my name is [demon name]."

"[y/n] [l/n]." You nodded. You woke up and saw Guren staring at you from above, surprising you. You tried to punch him due to surprise, however he blocked it.

"Went well, I guess? Good, get up and let's get going. I don't have time to hang out with kids like you."

[f/n] looked at you and winked before following Guren. You also followed him, and once you were out, Guren stopped and turned to you. "First of all, [y/n], [f/n], congratulations on getting your demon weapon. As for you, [y/n]..."


He kicked you pretty hard. "Don't try to kick your superiors!" He then walked away, "Dealing with these idiots are annoying...but I do find [y/n] pretty interesting at this point..."

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